The film 83 has evoked a lot of interest right from the day it was announced. The captain of the ship director  Kabir Khan launched the film’s iconic poster yesterday in Chennai. Apparently the team had a blast.  You Tuber, anchor, host and actor Sahil Khatter who plays the legendary wicket keeper Syed Kirmani in the film, entertained the whole cast while travelling. Ranveer Singh went Live when they were going for the event by the bus and guess what! Ranveer took the opportunity to unmask the cast in front of the live netizens in a witty way. Sahil added to the fun by giving his landmark and funny one liners in between. Sahil’s punches were too good and went well with the vibes of the cast present in the bus. While communicating with everyone Ranveer commented that Sahil has the greatest sense of humour. 
Having interacted with Sahil multiple times, we couldn’t agree more. Interestingly in the live session Deepika Padukone also joined and messaged Ranveer through a live chat. The cast had a great time during the launch. Kapil Dev, Krishmamachari Srikanth and Actor  Kamal Haasan were also present in the event.