Shaheer Sheikh has always been complimented for his acting skills, looks and also his bonding and chemistry with his lead partner. Shaheer is a very friendly and frank person. He can bond with people younger or elder to him. He motivates his cast. That’s what makes Shaheer so different from other actors.

Till now we have seen Shaheer with Soumya Seth, Erica Fernandes and Rhea Sharma. Fans have always appreciated his chemistry with each one of them. Today we want to ask all the fans out there, with whom they want Shaheer to share the screen next with.

Shaheer Sheikh and Surbhi Jyoti

Shaheer and Surbhi both are very talented and dedicated to work. They have matching level of intense characterstics in them. They can manage to do a show with serious and mature personality of leads. Shaheer and Surbhi are two very photogenic people of ITV. They will compliment each other.

Shaheer Sheikh and Surbhi Chandna

Shaheer shares a very bubbly and jolly characterstic with Surbhi Chadna. Both of them can do a very light hearted show with lot of humour and fun. These both actors have proved to entertain people with their amazing sense of humour. Height of these two actors compliment each other, hence they will surely look perfect when paired together. Both of these actors are known to bond so easilg and quickly, that’s what make them different from other ITV leads.

We would love both of these couples as these three ITV actors are very skilled actors who always manage to mesmerize us. We hope to see some project of Shaheer with these two amazing ITV ladies. Let us know your choice of couple from these two options in the comment section. Keep buzzin! Stay safe!