Post leap the story line of Sanjivani 2 has been shifted more on personal issues than a medical drama. After leap of 3 years Dr. Ishani is shown married to Nav Ratan Singh who is new CFO of Sanjivani. He is a positive person and in love with his wife. He cares for her immensely. However, Dr. Ishani is still living in past and a patient of depression because of betrayal of Dr. Sid mainly, who runs at their wedding night leaving her a message. She don’t want to resume her duties as a doctor. Since, she is sick mentally, she is unable to handle pressure of a doctor while Nav Ratan is shown supporting her like a true friend and a good husband. He wants Dr. Ishani to come out of her depression and become normal like she used to be whereas Dr. Ishani thinks that she can never be able to behave normally now and wants divorce from NV. 

On the other hand, Dr. Sid is found comatose in the show post leap and now he is regaining his consciousness. He is calling for Dr. Ishani in his unconscious state and respond only to her touch or voice. Contrarily, Dr. Ishani pain surface whenever she is around him and a grief stricken Dr. Ishani fails to respond as a doctor. She wants to avoid him and she does few things which could have costed Dr. Sid, his life. Further, when he wakes up he remembers about Vardhan going to jail and Dr. Ishani waiting for him. He regrets that he wasn’t around when Dr. Ishani needed him most and has forgotten the three years in between. He has no idea where he was and what he was doing in between three years. He even don’t know about his mother and his uncle. 

Dr. Ishani wants answers for her agony from Dr. Sid. She wants to know why he has done that. Why he fled on his wedding day leaving her alone? She wants to know when everything was good and there were no obstacle, why Dr. Sid choose to leave her alone despite of them being in love? Why he left her nowhere? From there on, Dr.Ishani is standing at the same position waiting for her answers while the whole world around her moved on. Because of overstress she slips into depression and have sleepless nights. And when she finally faces Dr. Sid, he don’t remember anything. It’s a double heart break for her. Her love is standing in front responsible for giving her  immense pain but he don’t the reason for her pain. 

What will Dr. Ishani do? Will she choose to continue staying with NV who is a good person and loves her but she don’t love her? Or Will she go back to his love Dr. Sid after discovering that whatever happened wasn’t his fault? 

What do you think? Who will win Dr. Ishani? Do write your views in comment section. Keep reading this space. Until next, Let’s Get Buzzing!!