Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi make one of the most popular duo TV has ever witnessed. They took over the reigns of long running show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ three years back and made the show their own. Today they are adored and loved by thousands for playing their favourite pair ‘Kartik and Naira Goenka aka KaiRa. But the love just doesn’t stop at the TV screens, it pours though and extend towards the cute personalities Shivangi and Mohsin are, as fans fondly calls them ‘ShivIn.’

Cute as a button
Shivin and Mohsin both are very cute individually. Both have a child like innocence and when they are together, it comes across in blasts. Each and every smile and every banter they have just proves how they are synonyms of cuteness.

Fine Acting poweress
Shivangi and Mohsin both are veey expressive actors on screen. It clearly has a lot to with the amount of love they receive from fans. Their acting has won them not just love from viewers but also a number of accolades from the TV fraternity in terms of awards. Both have individually and together won a number of prestigious awards beating their contemporaries.

They say every achievement that you touch gets totally washed off if you lose humility. Success hasn’t gone to either of their heads and they certainly are very accepting and caring towards their fans. It not only proves that they respect fans’ emotions. It proves that they hold themselves accountable of how they behaves with strangers who give them a piece of their own heart without knowing them fully.

Shivangi and Mohsin are nothing if not crackling with chemistry. Their on-screen and off-screen bond is totally fire and a treat for the fans. Fans love to see them in a single frame and every time they are in, they just don’t disappoint. Their chemistry isn’t considered one of the best in Indian Television for nothing.

Just like the viewer’s even we aren’t untouched with Shivangi and Mohsin’s charm. We lend our voices when they say they love ShivIn because same fellas same!