First of all, are you a regular viewer of “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum”?

If no then what are you even doing?


Anyways, if you are among those ones who cannot miss their daily dose of Rohit and Sonakshi, well let’s discuss why Dipika Kakkar is such a perfect choice for playing different shades of Sonakshi Rastogi.

Over the span of 30 episodes that the show has been on air Dipika has managed to make her name synonymous with her character, Sonakshi.

The Depth
Sonakshi Rastogi is a character with a lot of depth in her. Her every action comes out from the love and responsibility she feels towards others. Dipika brings that depth so beautifully though her eyes that you will be forced to praise her.
Potrayal of Sonakshi’s strength and weakness
Prior to this show, Dipika was famous for “Sasural Simar Ka”, a show high on melodrama and content that wasn’t well appreciated. But Dipika plays Sonakshi so realistically and in such a controlled way that you’ll never find her going overboard.

Head strong and vulnerability

Sonakshi is a badass who wouldn’t take any wrong blames like other major female leads. She understands her worth and stands by herself. But she isn’t just that she is equally vulnerable and Dipika aces that balances perfectly.


Dipika makes Sonakshi relateble and a girl who isn’t larger than life even after being the famous star of TV. Her approach towards grounding Sonakshi as a human sans her celebrity status something really worth watching. She brings the normal regular side celebrities through Sonakshi flawlessly and its an eye opener to many people who disregard celebs’ real life situations many times and tag them as arrogant.

Acting Power

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dipika is shining as Sonakshi and its her best performance that we have witnessed on TV. Measured and still living and breathing Sonakshi. You never feel a disconnect with Sonakshi and her situations. Her voice modulations and dialogue delivery are at par in every scene. Dipika is giving some stellar performances in every episode and if you watch the show you know its a treat.

Dipika Kakkar we are thrilled to have you as Sonakshi Rastogi. We wish you all the best and hope that you continue to woo your audiences with your awesome performances.