Star Plus’s show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn ka has been topping the TRP charts since it’s very initial days. Recently we witnessed in the show that Kabir(played by Arhaan Behll) takes Roshni(played by Aditi Sharma)into his control due to which Roshni fails to recognise Aman(played by Vikram Singh Chauhan). Kabir decided to marry Roshni to separate her from Aman. But then, Aman stabs Roshni with a magical dagger this destroys Kabir’s control over Roshni and she recalls everything. Roshni and Aman came back together.

Few days back, a trend started on twitter where fans were requesting Star Plus to not end their favourite show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn ka with a hashtag #DontEndYJHJK . The fans wrote longs posts and tweets explaining why they love the show and why it should keep going. But to our surprise, Star Plus never announced such a news about ending the show. The show is still promoted by Star Plus on their instagram pages.

The reason that we came across for this kind of trend was the fast changing track of the show. The show has gone through so many tracks in just few months that it seems that the makers are in hurry to end the show in January itself. With Aman and Roshni uniting and have fallen for each other. On top of it, Villain Kabir is gone, all this indicated the fandom that there is no more future tracks for the show. Well the good news for the fans is, the show is not going anywhere. It is in top 5 in the TRP charts and that’s a huge achievement.

Fans love watching the show because of many reasons, but few of the main reasons are –

Amazing and cute chemistry of the leads.

The whole cast are method actors who give their best.

We hope the fans are now relaxed and happy. We wish lot of success for the show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn ka. Let us know your views on this. Keep buzzin!