Gathbandhan’s leads are a real treat to watch on screen. In real life these characters would have couple goals. Opposites attract suits perfectly on this couple. On is a goon while other is IPS officer, how much more opposite one can expect. But, they fall in love and are always together like forever. Let’s check out what make this couple so adorable on screen.


There are many times when they are conflicting each other’s character. In fact, their profession is always on parallel sides and are in disagreement all the time. However, whatever the scene, chemistry between them has a spark. A spark, which can never go unnoticed be it a romantic or squabble scene.

Made for each other couple:

Raghu and Dhanak look good together. They complete one another. If one goes wrong, other corrects it without leaving side of the other. They have seen ups and downs of their relationship but their love deepens every time. Certainly, this couple is made for each other in heaven.

Popular among fans:

The Jodi is popular among their fans. Their fans follow every move of actors in whatever they do. They are famous for their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship. The actors are widely accepted as a romantic pair and viewers love to watch them as #RaNak. 

Shruti Sharma a.k.a Dhanak and Abrar Kazi a.k.a. Raghu have done a great job in giving life to the characters. They act on screen seems unbelievably real. They have done full justice to the characters that keeps viewers on hinge about what’s next coming in the show.  

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