When we think of telly saas, we have a picture of a aged woman with fancy sarees, big bindis, lots of jewelries and obviously dangerous woman for her bahu. Saas are always depicted as bad news for spouse no matter husband or wife. Indian telly saas is Mogambo for her bahu. She will say “Khush Hua” only when her Bahu is either dead or tortured to death. Creatives mostly weave the most important character in their male lead’s life as the most horrible character in female lead’s life.  

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However, there are few exceptional shows where main villain is not saas. One such show is Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. The show offers a unique story where a 20 year old get married to a business man and become saas of the house. Now this saas, Guddan don’t have the privilege to learn from her experience. She does things like 20 year old but everyone expects her to be mature. There are reasons why we think Guddan is the cutest saas of the telly industry on-screen. 

 Firstly, she is underage for any saas and respond accordingly. She is cute and naive to the conspiracies. However, when in problem she finds quick solutions in unimaginable ways. 

Secondly, she is very pure from heart. She sees things from an un-corrupted heart’s perspective. That is why, she is able to right the wrongs. 

Thirdly, Guddan never think to even endangering her life to save the life of her loved ones. She goes to extra length to do what needs to done to protect the closed ones. 

Last but not the least, she is forgiving. This is one saas who knows how to forgive. Forgiveness is not a trait of saas. But Guddan outsmart every mother-in-law.

Besides the qualities of character Guddan, actor Kanika Mann who played it has done an exemplary job. She appears naive, innocent, forgiving and loving, all at age of just 20. Kanika, whose real age is 19 aces in all scenes and deserves every bit of applause and attention which she is receiving from her fans.  

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