It was 2016 when Shivangi Joshi reprised the role of Naira in Star Plus’ long standing show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.” Shivangi had been an ultimate fan favourite since then. After Hina Khan’s exit from the show, the pressure to carry om the popular drama fell on her shoulders and she aced the job.
Now, after three years of being Naira’s life on screen, Shivangi has proved herself to be the synonym of Naira.

We are not saying this just in thin air, we have reasons for it. Shall we dive into them then?

Playing it from the core

Naira is nothing if not emotional. She feels every emotion from her heart. She would fight for family till extreme and Shivangi plays this side of her beautifully. She brings Naira’s feelingson table for everyone and plays every sentiment from its depth. It’s something that looks easy on TV actresses but searching a core emotion and building and executing it is probably real hard.

The ferocious Naira
Naira isn’t a shy character. She is strong and stands up for the right even if that means going against her own family. Shivangi not only aces the emotional side of Naira but she convincingly plays the fierce Naira too without making her melodramatic and thats difficult given how histrionically TV actresses have played this shade of characters in the past.

Acting Skills

Very interestingly, in a TV world where actors quit their shows to avoid playing parents in fear of getting type casted, Shivangi is just 21 years old playing a mother to a child of around 5 years. This just goes to show how secure she is in her character and how she is here to act. Challenges don’t make this girl scared and probably that’s the reason why she is loved so much.

The charm
Shivangi has Naira holds a charm that just makes you spellbound. Even if you have never seen the show you can instantly connect to her on spot. Not a lot of actors or actresses can do that. Shivangi has a charm and its enthralling. Shivangi can really make you sway with her.

This young actress clearly has a long way to go and we cannot wait to see what bright works she will bring in future under her name.

We wish Shivangi all the best for all that she is doing and will do.

And you folks till then, well, lets keep buzzinn’!!!!!