Each character of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum has perfectly played their part. But Sonakshi Rastogi (character played by Dipika Kakkar) is extra- absolute character of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.

Because she is loud and gentle both. She keeps a spirit to slap her husband for her dignity. She also keeps a power to go any extreme to protect her husband and family. ITV needs strong characters like; Sonakshi Rastogi. Here we are mentioning few more qualities of Sonakshi as why we feel such female leads ITV needs for their audiences!

 She has modern approach but respect Indian values:

This is the foremost quality of Sonakshi Rastogi which was never ever shown before on ITV. She is financially stable, famous and modern. But what makes her stand out is her feature where she is shown respecting and following Indian culture and values.

Sonakshi never wrongly flaunted her stardom and always stood for right. And we can say “She has modern approach but respect Indian values”.

She says what is in her mind and cannot be influenced:

Female leads of ITV is mostly portrayed that they are helpless and gets easily manipulated by anyone. Here, Sonakshi Rastogi makes a difference by using her own brain and quickly reads what the other person is upto. She never lacks to speak right and cannot be influenced by anyone.

She is fiery and fearless:

Sonakshi Rastogi of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is not a helpless daughter-in law who keeps bearing all the torture given to her. Sonakshi’s best ever traits is: ‘she is fiery and fearless’. She knows to hit the wrong at the right time fearless.

She slapped her hubby for her dignity:

Character Sonakshi is very straightforward and up-front. She don’t compromise on anything seeing wrong. Many times we have seen Sonakshi interrupting Suman and Pari seeing them doing wrong. Well, not only to Suman and Pari, Sonakshi is the only ITV character who went against her husband when he accused her for cheating upon him. Not only she interrupted him but slapped Rohit for putting wrong allegation on her. Sonakshi stood for her dignity. Not like other ITV female lead who only leave the house silently after being accused for anything wrong.

She is upright:

ITV’s only character who is adamant. Sonakshi never bend down in front of evil. And that is the beauty of the character indeed.

Well, all these points can’t end without praising Dipika Kakkar. Actress Dipika Kakkar by performing Sonakshi Rastogi has set the bar high. She will always be remembered for her character Sonakshi. Right from expressions, body language to bringing the life to the character Sonakshi; Dipika proved none could ever match her acting level.

Sandiip Sikcan produced Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum was flawless in every term. The show brought some serious changes in terms of content, character, storyline and made the irreplaceable place in the heart of the audiences. The show is all set to shut down their curtains on 14th March 2020.  

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