Kundali Bhagya current track is not liked by most of the fans. Currently in show Preeta is about to be jailed as mahira and Sherlyn played their trick again and tricks Karan. Karan who is unknown to reality of Mahira get trapped which the condition worst. Though makers have made it sure that something good is provided to fans with their PreeRan valentine, still fans are angry about the track with speculations that more separation is on the way of their favourite Jodi. 

As per the track Karan has to marry Mahira if he wants Preeta out of jail with a clean chit which seemed to be impossible in the ploy played by her. Fans wants her track to end soon but instead makers are dragging it to give a smooth end or for some other reason. This irks fans. 

Speculation are also for Karan and Mahira marriage which may separate their leads forever for which viewers are not ready. Jodi fans have trended #RipPreeran recently and trended #ReunitePreeRan yesterday in fear that writers are not uniting them soon. 

Fans also think that there might be a condition by Mahira to marry Karan first in return of Preeta’s innocence. If that be the condition, they are afraid to lose their favourite jodi. 

They are also annoyed with the tracks that always makes grey shade characters win more in the show than positive characters and speculate that this time too track will end up with villains winning.

How makers make the fan happy with such tangled plots in Kundali Bhagya will be an intriguing watch. Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya are doing tremendous job by keeping the fans glued to the screen. 

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