Naamkarann is a show with a unique story line. It has drama but has romance and suspense too. Fans were sad and disheartned when they could no longer see their favourite show on Star Plus. This show has touched everyone’s heart where it showed how little girl Avni had to face the tag of illegitimate child even after having a father and mother.

The show is based on a revenge planned by Avni(Played by Aditi rathore) against her paternal granmother who was the main reason why she never got a love of her father. With the help of her step mother Avni goes on this mission of revenge. On the way, she meets Neil(Played by Zain Imam) and their love story begins. From a hate relationship they fall in deep love.

Another reason why fans miss this show other than the unique story line is the chemistry the leads had between them. Aditi and Zain became amazing friends off screen and this was the main reason why their on screen chemistry was sizzling and mesmerising. Apart from a romantic chemistry, this due also had cute small fights which enteratined the viewers too.

Other than the main leads of the show, all the characters were beautifully written and the actors working in the show had given their best to make this show a success. This effort was clearly visible by the appreciation they got from the viewers.

Now fans have come up with the idea of a season 2 for this show. Fans think that the story of their favourite couple Avniel is incomplete and needs a closure. It would be a treat for the eyes if this duo is back on our tv screens with their unique chemistry.

We hope the makers of Naamkarann make a season 2 too. So this is our way of showing the support to the Naamkarann fans. Let us know what are your views on the same! Keep bizzin!