The Indian Television industry is no doubt filled with so many talents. The reflection of the same we can see recently in the Bollywood projects where we can see them marking a place of their own among the B-Stars. Shaheer Sheikh who is one of the most popular faces of Indian television has done a range of variable characters on screen is currently seen as ‘Abir Rajvansh‘ in the popular show ” Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke“. It would be unfair of us for not able to portray the exact criteria that make him the best and only suitable choice for the role. One will surely go out of words to complement this actor who is currently in his 30s with an attractive personality and charming acting skills.

Abir Rajvansh currently is one of the most beautifully written characters of playing on Indian Television which defines masculinity in a totally different way. Unlike the unofficial trend of Indian television, he is not a business tycoon neither he roams around in suited booted look all the time. The writers and the makers did a pretty good job in making his character convincingly relatable but the audience with some unique traits of its own. There are some aspects which make him different from the league of Male leads in Indian television.

Shaheer Sheikh dons a very casual look for the role of Abir. His highlight of the look is his long silky hair. In an era, where every other person is following The trademark look of gel hair with a clean-shaven face and a suit with a boot he is is the one who appears within normal t-shirt and casual fluffy hairs covering half of his forehead. Not only this but Abir looks some extra charming and attractive in this look which many can’t pull off.

It will not be unfair if we call Abir Rajvansh is a long lost brother of Shaheer Sheikh. Like the carefree, humble and honest nature of Shaheer comes through so naturally in Abir. None of the scenes where he is emoting his emotions looks forceful or acting, it is as natural as if a boy next door is talking about his viewpoint. He laughs in happiness and cries when hurt. He takes the backseat of his heroine and cooks food in the kitchen to make his brother happy.


One of the most unique traits of this character is deeply layered and perfectly written poems which often does the work of background music. Abir emotes most of his emotions and feelings through his poetry. Shaheer himself also shared in an interview of the initial days of the show that how he has a hand to writing Poetry and is fond of them. When an actor and a character compatible with this level, the outcome has to be the best.

What makes the poetry more appealing is the beautiful and husky voice of Shaheer. One cannot ignore the impact it left in the minds of the viewers. There can not be anything better than Shaheer uttering those soulful words in the background of a beautiful scene playing on the screen. The throw of each other makes the other person sense, feel and relish the essence of them in true sense. The end product of this comes as a very soothing and soulful impact on viewers.

There is no doubt with the craft of acting he possesses in him. It’s not only about why he is the best for Abir but also about why Abir is the one who falls in such minorities that the female population of the country longs to find such a match. His masculinity doesn’t depend on belittling the feminism around him. A person who runs an NGO and is a youth icon took a phone just to be in touch with his friend. The blend of intelligence, kindness, equality and emotional mess gives the character a totality in a whole that one can not feel upset not to find such a guy around themselves.

He delivers the sheer perfection of Abir weird Rajvansh on-screen with ease. Shaheer Sheikh did so many roles onscreen over the years and explored the talent in him to the fullest. However, playing a character with almost zero variations of characteristics Shaheer has done a great job in making people hook up to the character more. The actor is turning many heads these days and we wish him all the best for the upcoming bright future.