The cult show Sanjivani is coming back with its second season and fans across world are excited about it. Sanjivani 2 consists of few actors reprising their role like Mohnish Behl and Gurdeep Kohli as Dr. Shashank and Dr. Ruhi. Though, the young doctors are new entrant in this season. They are Surbhi Chandana as Dr. Ishani and Namit Khanna as Dr. Sid. 

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Never Seen Before Jodi – 

Firstly,  the pairing of Surbhi and Namit is fresh. Therefore, there is no baggage on them to act like some other character. They can make their own chemistry to strike right chords with viewers. Because of the new jodi in tinsel town, there are less chances of stagnation which eventually turns into boredom. 

Young On-screen Couple – 

Surbhi and Namit both are young and instills their massive energy into their characters. They will bring the ideas of youth and can attract Gen Y and gen Z to the show.  They are portraying the roles of young doctors who are passionate about their duties and profession, a trait found in youth. 

A connectable Jodi – 

Surbhi and Namit both have connected to audience in their previous roles. Despite of all dramatic scenarios which Indian serials offers, they keep their true acts natural in their respective shows. Surbhi as Anika in Ishqbaaaz was like any other Indian girl as Namit as Siddhant in Ye Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai protects his character from going overboard. Spectators are expecting same here as a jodi. 

Practical Circumstances – 

Sanjivani 2 has a backdrop of a hospital scenarios. It’s characters are dealing as doctors who see life and death daily. There will be lots of dramas to keep the attention of viewers engaged but melodrama will be amiss. Since the makers will create practical circumstances, Namit as Dr. Sid and Surbhi as Dr. Ishani will be in their natural best. 

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