Whether the role is parallel or of lead, gorgeous Surbhi Chandna (currently doing Sanjivani 2) has always proved that no one can do better than her. The characters which she has played on-screen till now are the ones which has her name written on them. She speaks through her expressions and eyes while playing deaf and mute Haya in Quabool Hai. She was meek, shy and unsure as Haya. Yet again, she portrayed blabbering, confident and bold Anika, totally opposite of Haya. Her fans will deny to see anyone else in her shoes.

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Surbhi as Dr. Ishani

As Dr. Ishani, Surbhi is pinning down her character in such defined manner that spectators contemplate her Dr. Ishani. Dr. Ishani goes by the rules with a disturbing past, Surbhi never fails to surprise her fans. She is strict for those who break rules, but when it comes to saving someone’s life, she leave no stone unturned to do it, be it breaking rules alone. 

Dr. Ishani is a character of an excellent doctor even at first day of her career. So, she is a beauty with brains. Who can be better choice than Surbhi Chandna who is just not a pretty face. But, she has proved every now and then than whatever she does she is the best. She understands what is expected out of a character and solely work on that. 

She is inspirational as Dr. Ishani who has struggled from a dark past but still manage to shine like a doctor.  Surbhi nailed in emotional scenes of reminiscences of past. She switch from being an emotional doctor to another world which bothers her. Surbhi, as Dr. Ishani knows no bounds to make the character live on-screen. Viewers can feel the pain and feel bad for her. 

Though, it’s just two weeks the show has started but viewers can connect to Dr. Ishani. They know how strong she is and how much alone. They wish for the leads to understand each other just to ease their favourite Dr. Ishani’s agony. Such is Surbhi’s impact. 

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