Sanjivani reboot is second season of a popular 2002 show with the same name. The show in first season was famous for the intriguing story of doctors of a hospital Sanjivani. It showcased how their personal life gets entangled with their professional life and how for doctors duty always comes first.

Sanjivani 2 released first teaser yesterday. Actor Mohnish Behl who is reprising his role as Dr. Shashank shared his excitement on instagram.

Gurdip Kohli also reprises her role as Dr. Juhi. However, Dr. Ishani character will be played by Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna as Dr. Sid. Other significant actors include Shayantani Ghosh and Rohit Roy.

Why Sanjivani 2 is a must watch?

Firstly, Sanjivani season 1 was hugely accepted when aired. The show had loyal viewers and they demand for it when show was closed. After around 17 years the show is coming back with 2 of the leads reprising their roles. The fans have every chance of getting excited.

Secondly, the buzz of the new star cast has a huge fan base. Surbhi Chandna is very favored among youths. She enjoy comparatively a great number of followers after her successful last show IshqBaaaz as Anika.  Namit Khanna again is popular among his fans from his last show Ye Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai. Shayantani and Rohit have their own fan following.

Thirdly, the show was in immense demand when it got closed down. The narrative was very engrossing. It successfully displayed how entangled are the lives of doctors and how they work in so much pressure. It showcased the difficult life of doctors that how they have to keep every important thing aside because of their duty. Spectators are expecting the same magic again.

Last but not the least, the plots were woven in such a manner that how doctors do everything humanly possible to be a God for the patients. It was a story with lots of dramas but no melodrama. It is hard for makers to make such stories. Sanjivani season was victorious in this area. Watchers are waiting to get entertained equally.

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