Will Bhavani let the lovers unite this time?: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler
Will Bhavani let the lovers unite this time?: Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler

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With the start of new week the viewers finally get to see Devyani and Pulkit face to face after a long wait. What will be the outcome of this meeting?

Ninad tells Pulkit did you forget what I did to you last time? Pulkit tells I remember that is why I am here to right to wrong.

Pulkit tells I know Devyani stays in this house and I know that her mental condition is not good. Sai has told everything to me.

Pakhi comes down and tells Bhavani that Devyani is in Sai’s room and you only said to keep her closed inside. Pulkit tells your lie is infront of everyone now,not only you kept my wife away from me but you keep her locked inside a room.

Pulkit tells it is no use lying as Sai has told me everything and I know Devyani is still waiting for me even though you lied to her that I am married to someone else. Ninad and Omkar threatens Pulkit. Pulkit tells I am no longer the old,poor Pulkit. I have changed in ten years,I am the finest and most reputed Physician in Nagpur,Doctor Pulkit Deshpande and I am also a professor in Sai’s college.

Shivani asks Bhavani what did you think Devyani will forget him? She forgot herself but she still remembers him. Mansi tells Bhavani to think from her heart,today is Mahashivratri and she can reunite two lovers today.

Sai brings Devyani down and Pulkit gets emotional on seeing Devyani.Ninad and Omkar tells Pulkit you can’t even reach Devyani’s shadow. Bhavani tells she is my daughter and till I am alive all her decisions will be taken by me. Sai tells Devyani is of marriageable age,so it doesn’t mean you will take all her decisions. Sai introduces Devyani to Pulkit.

Devyani cannot recall Pulkit’s face and turns away from Pulkit. She asks him who are you and how do you know my name? She asks are you the one I was married to? Are you my Pulkit? You don’t look like my Pulkit.

In the upcoming epsiode Bhavani is still stubborn and decides Devyani and Pulkit will stay away from each other. Ninad gets furious as Sai opposes this decision. He tries to slap Sai but is stopped in between by Virat.

Will Devyani recall her past and identify Pulkit?

What will be Virat’s reaction when he finds out all this?

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