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Star Bharat’s popular show Wo Toh Hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses on Saroj separating Rashmi from Sayuri and troubling her in business.

Previously we have seen that, Saroj lashed out at Kanha for spoiling the alliance. She told that they wouldn’t have immediately gone forward with the wedding but for sure would have decided hearing the groom’s statement as he would have wanted his wife with him. She accused Sayuri for filling Kusum’s mind with studies but Kusum told that she herself wanted to study. Saroj emotionally blackmailed Kusum and convinced her to forward with the wedding instead of studies.

Sayuri challenged Saroj that she would definitely help Kusum complete her studies. Dhanraj got a very big contract but the meeting was the same day as Kanha’s vlog competition. Dhanraj suggested Sayuri to attend the meeting while Kanha could go forward with the vlog. Saroj was against it. Kanha convinced Sayuri to take part in the meeting and told that Dhanraj and Dadaji would guide him.

Kanha got ready for going to Delhi while Sayuri prepared for the meeting. They both expressed how they would miss each other. Rashmi got upset that Nakul would attend the meeting as Sayuri’s assistant and Saroj filled more venom in her mind. Sayuri and Kanha spent some romantic time together.

Next day Kanha and Sayuri left together for their respective places. Sayuri attended the meeting with Nakul. The client got stunned seeing a woman attending the meeting but Sayuri proved them with her talent. She happily told it to Kanha who’s worried about the order able to finish on time.

Sayuri told that they would be able to do it if they hire the spontaneous employees. Kanha got his vlog idea too after speaking with Sayuri. Sayuri got a grand welcome sy home. Nakul credited Sayuri for the success which irked Rashmi. Saroj added fuel to her fire. Kanha prepared for his vlog competition.

Saroj provoked Rashmi that Sayuri treated Nakul like a servant while he was respecting her as his sister in law. Rashmi called Nakul to go out for a date but Nakul reasoned work and asked her to go the next day. Rashmi taunted Sayuri and Sayuri tried making her understand but in vain. Saroj also supported Rashmi.

Nakul reluctantly agreed on their persistence. Rashmi got irked and left upset with Nakul. Sayuri made arrangements with Dhanraj to set up the working place for the ladies who are coming to work. Saroj was against it but Dhanraj supported Sayuri. The ladies came there and Sayuri welcomed them and explained them what to do.

Sayuri got shocked when the women got served tea in paper cups. Kanha called Nakul and asked him to spend time with Rashmi. Nakul took her for coffee date. Kanha’s sweet words to the women in video call surpassed the embarrassing moment. Saroj prohibited Kusum from cooking in the kitchen for the women.

Sayuri heard it and got shocked with her behaviour. She started cooking for them in her house along with Indrani and Dadi. Rashmi got upset when Nakul paid least interest in the shopping and envied Kanha’s attention for Sayuri. While Sayuri was busy with cooking Saroj provoked the women against Sayuri blaming her for discriminating them.

Saroj managed to send the women away portraying her in bad light. When asked for reason the women lashed out at Sayuri. Sayuri confronted Saroj when Rashmi scolded her for her behaviour. Sayuri tried explaining Rashmi but she blindly took stand for Saroj. Sayuri lashed out at her too.

Sayuri challenged Saroj to succeed ij the order no matter what. Kanha who just came heard it all. During Ganpathi Visrajan he indirectly taunted Saroj. Saroj pretended innocent in front of Rashmi.

In the future episodes we will witness, Sayuri, Kanha and Nakul will work overnight to complete the order. Next morning, Sayuri will find all the tiles broken and will get shocked. Saroj will mock Sayuri again and Sayuri will faint.

Will Sayuri sign the contract? Will Kusum complete her studies? Will Rashmi turn negative?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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