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Star Bharat’s new show is gearing up for more drama as Sayuri gets defamed for having an affair with Kanha. She tries to commit suicide however, Kanha rescues her. Now it will be interesting to see if Kanha will marry Sayuri?

In the previous episode, we saw Sayuri asks Kanha if she has said yes to the marriage. He refuses. He says that but he could not even refuse the marriage. Sayuri says that there is only a relationship of hatred between them. Kanha says that love is bigger than hatred for him and he will fulfil what he has promised to his brother. Sayuri goes inside the house and sees that Indu’s health is deteriorating. Indu says that humiliation will also go with her but still she will leave this place. Bhanu says that that’s why she wants Sayuri and Kanha to get married so that everyone’s mouth will be locked. Sayuri is stunned to see her mother in such condition. She calls Kanha. Everyone comes out hearing her voice. Sayuri tells Kanha that he couldn’t say no and she too can’t say no so she is ready to marry him. Tej asks Pihu to give the calendar. He sees the date and says tomorrow is a very auspicious day.

Saroj comes there. She says that she will never let this marriage happen. She adds that it is good that Kusum listened to him and called her here. Dhanraj tells Indu that this marriage will definitely happen and he will talk to Saroj. Saroj goes inside the house. Kusum goes to the kitchen to make tea for Saroj. Indu says that Saroj will never agree to this marriage. Bhanu tells her not to worry. Sayuri tells Bhanu that her condition has become like a half-baked roti which can neither be eaten nor thrown away.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sayuri and Kanha will get ready for the marriage. Sayuri will say that this marriage is a compromise. Kusum will tell Saroj that Sayuri and Kanha get married. Saroj will get angry.

What will happen now? Will Sayuri and Kanha get married?