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The episode starts with Saroj and Dadi getting shocked knowing that Kusum got trapped by Rishi. They gets angry at her for sending Kusum to meet Yash. Saroj gets scared and says Sayuri that she won’t forgive her ever if something happens to Kusum. Kanha and Nakul calls Yash and says about Rishi kidnapping Kusum. He too rushes to rescue her swearing to kill Rishi.

Saroj and Dadi keeps blaming Sayuri worried about Kusum while Sayuri prays God to keep Kusum safe. Kusum finds they are going in wrong direction and asks the driver to stop the car but he doesn’t listen. He even took away her mobile from her reach. Kusum recalls Kanha’s words to not get scared and save situation bravely. She pulls the driver’s hair and the car loses its control. The car gets hit by tree and Kusum gets down and starts running out.

Kusum humps with Rishi who again threatens her. Kusum pleads him to let her go but Rishi doesn’t listen. He continued threatening her. Rishi’s man throws nails at their path and their car gets punctured. They understand that someone has voluntarily put nails to stop them from reaching Kusum. Yash comes there and they say what happened.

Yash says they can’t waste yike and asks them to get in car and leaves with them. Sayuri gets dizzy due to stress and Saroj holds her. She scolds her for not caring about the child and eating properly. Indu comes to Sayuri’s House and asks what happened. Sayuri hugs her crying while Saroj blames Sayuri for putting Kusum in danger. Indu assures that Kusum would be fine and asks her not to worry.

Kusum throws sand at Rishi’s face and runs away. She hits the driver too with stone and manages to get her mobile. Sayuri gets Kusum’s call but before she could speak Rishi pushes her away. Sayuri hears Rishi threatening Kusum. Kusum struggles with Rishi. Kusum sends her location indirectly to Sayuri. Rishi says that he would make sure to make her life hell for ruining his life.

Sayuri tries leaving but Saroj stops her reminding her about her child. Sayuri doesn’t listen and leaves the place. She calls Kanha and says about Kusum’s call. Kanha asks her not to but she doesn’t listen. Rishi tries to misbehave with Kusum but someone hits him from behind. He turns to find Sayuri. She says that it’s time to show him the power of women. Rishi mocks her for her words but both Sayuri and Kusum continuously hits him. At a point, Rishi pushes Sayuri and she falls in pain.

Precap : Kanha will admit Sayuri in hospital. Doctors will say that they couldn’t save the child shocking everyone.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th November 2022 Written Update: Rishi escapes from jail.