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At the beginning of the episode Bhanu, Tej, Nakul are waiting for Kanha. Kanha comes there. Bhanu asks him why he has called them here. Kanha tells them that he wants Sayuri and Chiru to get married. Bhanu says that Sayuri and Chiru will not agree to this. Kanha says that but he has decided that he will get them married. He adds that he knows they all want the same.

Bhanu asks him what he is thinking of doing. Kanha tells them his plan. Here Saroj is making aampana for everyone. Anjali comes there and asks her if she missed her. Saroj asks her why did she leave yesterday without meeting her. Anjali says that yesterday the atmosphere of the house was not good so she left from here. Saroj tells her that this house belongs to her so she doesn’t need to worry about all this.

Anjali sees that Chiru is looking upset. She tells Saroj that she doesn’t feel good seeing Chiru’s condition. Kanha says that he will fix everything soon. Further Sayuri sees her father’s photo and says that this time she is doing exactly as he wants. She tells him that he should pray to God so that everything will be alright soon. Here Nakul and Kahna are going out of the house.

Anjali asks Nakul to bring samosas for her. Nakul tells her that he has some work to do now. He goes out with Kanha. Saroj tries to stop them. Anjali says that she doesn’t need to stop them as they will really have some work to do. She then tries to convince Saroj to accept Sayuri for Chiru’s happiness. But Saroj denies this.

Here Tej is leaving home. Saroj is about to ask Dhanraj where Tej is going. Then she sees that Bhanu is also going out of the house. She gets worried. Kanha calls Chiru and asks him to come to the temple at the earliest. Here Rashmi also does the same thing. Saroj feels something strange. Later Sayuri and Chiru reach the temple. Bhanu and Tej take them inside the temple.

Saroj goes to Dhanraj and asks him where Tej has gone. He tells her that he has gone to Amjad’s place. Saroj says but Amjad has to go out of town. Dhanraj is unable to give any answer to this. Saroj asks him if he is hiding anything from her. He refuses. On the other hand Sayuri and Chiru ask Kanha why he has called them here. Kanha shows them the mangalsutra. Chiru and Sayuri get confused.

Precap: Dhanraj tells Saroj that Chiru and Sayuri are married now. Saroj gets shocked.

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