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The episode starts with Dhanraj confronting Saroj for not blessing Sayuri. Saroj answers back that she would’ve blessed her if she has left the place forever for good. Dhanraj says she must be proud to have such an educated daughter in law. Saroj says she restricted her from going to work and says she very well remember what happened by an educated person years back.

Dhanraj is upset with Saroj but Saroj leaves without paying heed to it. Dadaji asks Dhanraj to let it go as Saroj would change for good one day. Nakul and Kanha fight to sit in the car. Nakul teases Kanha buy Kanha is adamant that he would drive Sayuri. Nakul doesn’t agree. Kusum comes to Sharmas and Indrani happily greets her.

She gives Indrani’s chain back to her saying that her mother is not greedy for money nor did she need the chain to compensate for it. She says she came there upon her mother’s insistence. Indrani says she can’t have it as she gave it as an exchange for the money they need to pay. Kusum acts cold and is about to leave when Indrani reminds her about her childhood good says withy Sayuri. Nani forwards a teddy to Kusum.

Nakul is driving with Sayuri beside him and Kanha is sitting at the back. Nakul mocks Kanha for being busy. Nani says that she was really close to Sayuri in her childhood and Saroj considered her as her daughter.

She asks her to make Saroj understand to let go off her hatred. Nani says that they both are good from heart and asks her to see things keeping away her hatred. Kusum is confused but leaves giving back the teddy to them. Nani is upset that they couldn’t make her understand and wishes for her to understand soon.

Kanha is blabbering something unable to stop Sayuri from leaving. Sayuri also wished that Kanha would stop her and waits for it. Her colleagues calls Sayuri to bus as they are getting late. Sayuri starts leaving helpless. Her dupatta ends gets stuck with Kanha and Kanha removes it. Sayuri boards the bus.

Sayuri leaves in the bus while Kanha falls upset. Staffs tease Sayuri and praises Kanha. They say how popular he is and says that she might not know it but she has fell for her husband. Sayuri gets shocked hearing it. Nakul also says Kanha that he fell for Sayuri and shows him the clipping he recorded while he confessed his love in his sleep.

Kanha also agrees that he’s in love with Sayuri. On the other hand, Sayuri is also surprised that she fell in love with Kanha. Both Sayuri’s colleagues and Nakul advised them to confess their love on Sayuri’s birthday. Both Kanha and Sayuri plans for the same.

Precap : Kanha will pray to God and will dream of proposing Sayuri. A flower will fall on the lamp symbolic something bad.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th July 2022 Written Update: Sayuri makes preparations for a conference.