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The episode starts with the family members asking how Sayuri is. Doctor says that they don’t need to worry about her as she is weak so she injected with her medicine. Nakul tells Sayuri needs Krishna so they should keep a distance from her. The family members agrees with Nakul. Nakul calls his father and inquires about his whereabouts then tells him to come home fast. His father tells him that he senses his worry so asks him to tell him right away.

Nakul says so much happened after they decides to save their sister and asks his father to come hospital soon. In the hospital room Krishna cries holding Sayuri’s hand. He then hears Sayuri’s unconscious talk about her plan to wear similar outfit of her and her child. Krishna cries and says that he don’t think he can able to handle neither reveal the truth to Sayuri. Outside the hospital room Nakul asks Nikhil to have tea. Nikhil refuses. Nakul tells him that he needs to stay strong for his family.

Everyone is worried about Sayuri right now and forget what happened to Rishi but they have to be more conscious about this situation because the time Rishi family learns the truth they will be in huge trouble also Krishna. He further adds Nakul that he has to be stay strong for his family. Nakul oblige and have the tea. Yash goes to other family members. Saroj refuses to have the tea but Indrani and Dadi pleads her with Yash to have tea saying she has to stay strong for Kanha and Sayuri. Saroj takes the tea. Yash serves the remaining family members tea. Kusum asks Yash everything will be alright right? Yash assures her the same.

Sayuri wakes up from her unconscious state. She congratulates Kanha for becoming a father which confuses the latter. Kanha asks her what is she saying. Sayuri smiles and asks Kanha to not to trouble her by acting dumb and asks him to help her get her child. Kanha gets confused. Meanwhile Yash receives a call from police station. He worries how to handle the situation. This isn’t the right time to reveal the truth to Choudhary’s as they all are already in pain but also he can’t stop what is going to happen eventually. Inside the hospital room Sayuri points at a Teddy bear and claims it her child and asks Kanha to bring it to her.

Kanha gets shocked but does what Sayuri asked him to. He tries to tell her it’s teddy but Sayuri scolds him for calling their child as Teddy and tells him that if Saroj hears this she will get upset with him more. She also tells him their child looks like him though. Yash once again receives a call from police station. He answers it and pleads with the inspector to give him some time because the Choudary’s are going through a hard time so he wants some more time to reveal them everything. After disconnecting the call Yash worries how to tell the Choudary’s about this.

Eventhough Nakul knows everything he himself is in huge pain. Sayuri tells Kanha that she knows he wants a girl baby but it’s not in their hand and God’s wish is to bless them with a little Kanha. Kanha rushes out of the room and have trouble breathing. Doctor goes to him and asks him what happened. He also provides him medicine to relax. Kanha tells the doctor that Sayuri is not accepting the reality. The doctor tells Kanha that his fear turned into reality now.

Both the doctor and Kanha reaches the hospital room where Sayuri is kept. They both sees her pampering a Teddy bear. Doctor tells Kanha this happens to people who is affected by certain information so they have to be more careful hereafter infront of Sayuri to not to make the situation even worse then leaves the place. Kahna goes to Sayuri and acts like the Teddy is their child which makes the latter happy. He then informs the family members about Sayuri’s state which shocks everyone.

They all decides to be more careful around Sayuri. Later in the house Nirmala complains that because of Sayuri’s careless behavior they lost their heir and in this situation also reminds the family members about the priests words about Kanha’s life in which he has to face so many obstacles. The family members asks Nirmala to not to say things like this infront of Sayuri and Kanha as they both are already in pain so this blame game isn’t going to give them anything but pain.

Sayuri and Kanha arrives there. The family members gets shocked seeing the way Sayuri interacts with the teddy bear. Sayuri asks the family members why they aren’t doing anything to welcome her baby also why they looks stressed and reminds them how happy they were to meet her child. Nirmala calls Sayuri crazy and says herself they can’t exactly welcome a Teddy bear by doing aarti. Sayuri asks Indrani and Nakul what happened to everyone. Nakul acts and says everything is fine and he is on his way to bring aarti only.

Nirmala stops him but Nakul informs her that God punished them so he has to suffer with this. Sayuri gets confused seeing Nakul’s interaction with Nirmala so she questions him but the latter lies he asked Nirmala about how to arrange an aarti plate then goes inside. Yash worries and gets determined to tell the truth to the family members before the situation gets out of hand. Nikhil says to God that he is unfair by snatching Sayuri and Kanha’s child from them because of which he is upset and arranges the aarti plate.

Precap: Saroj does aarti of Sayuri Kanha and the teddy bear. Sayuri looks happy. Later Yash tells the family members about Rishi’s death also Kanha is held accountable for it which shocks Kanha and Choudhary’s

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th November 2022 Written Update: Sayuri suffers miscarriage and everyone gets heartbroken.