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The episode starts with Sayuri asking God how much more can she pretend in front of Kanha. She recalls running away from Vikranth’s house and reaching to Chaudhary mansion to say the truth to Kanha and get his help. But Vikranth comes there with her baby and holds the baby at gun point. Sayuri rushes to him and pleads him to not harm her baby. She asks him to let her and her baby go and promises to not say anything to anyone.

Vikranth asks how could he let them go as the baby is his as he spent most of the times with it. He says that the baby is the key to his happiness and asks her to let go off her Sayuri identity and get back with him as Sayuri. He made her promise forcefully on baby to me net return to Kanha and won’t say the truth to Kanha. Sayuri promises the same only to realize that he was holding a doll all the while and not baby. Sayuri comes back from her thoughts. She says that she promised once and is going to make another promise. She promises to save her child from Vikranth’s clutched at any cost. She pleads him to not let Kanha’s come there.

Soon she hears Vikranth’s voice saying that their chief guest is here. Sayuri turns around to find Kanha there. Sayuri looks shocked while Vikranth is satisfied that he came there to witness his and Sanchi’s happiness. Kanha greets Kuku. Vikranth thanks him for coming and Kanha says that how can he not come as he can meet with them only at such occasions. Vikranth taunts him in his mind and starts forcefully dancing with Sayuri.

Kanha gets disheartened seeing it. Rashmi is doing pooja at home and can’t wait for it to end to go to temple. As pooja ends, she’s about to leave when Saroj asks her to make Prasad for pooja. Rashmi makes excuse that she needs to go to temple but Saroj says she can go after pooja. Rashmi convinces her saying many things and it’s decided that Rashmi would go and Nakul accompanied her. Rashmi leaves and Dadi Mausi is suspicious at her. She asks Saroj to hold Rashmi in her fist but Saroj no more has the strength to control Rashmi. Dadi Mausi fumes over Rashmi’s behaviour.

Vikranth takes Sayuri to mandap and says that it’s their wedding today and Sayuri gets shocked hearing it. Kanha is equally shocked too. Sayuri tries to deny but Vikranth says what’s the difference if they get married now or later. He says that he spoke with Pandit and he told that the whole day is auspicious and forcefully takes her with him to get married.

Kanha moves back unable to witness it and starts walking down the temple. He recalls Vikranth’s words saying that they would live and die together. He’s about to fall down but Yash holds him on time. Kanha hugs him crying. Sayuri thinks that she thought she could meet her daughter hy gaining Vikranth’s trust using marriage talks but things are getting out of hand. She sits in manado and prays God to help her. Vikranth finds Kuku missing and they both start searching her. Kanha says that his Sayuri can’t leave him and get married to someone else and says that I’m between the Sayuri and Sanchi mess he’s going to lose his Sayuri.

Precap : Sayuri will lash out at Kanha for trying to get close with her despite her asking to not to. She will scold me him and asks him to get away. Later Sayuri and Kuku will bump with Rashmi and they both will be equally shocked.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th January 2023 Written Update: Kusum and Yash leaves Chaudhary house.