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The episode starts with Dadi advising Sayuri to be more careful from now. She asks her to not even go to college. Kanha mocks her when Gayatri comes there with Rishi to take Kusum with them for boomi pooja. Kanha and Sayuri offers to tag along but they both find reasons to avoid it.

Gayatri asks Kusum why didn’t she wear any jewelry and asks her to wear it as only jewels can show off a man’s status. She asks Rishi to make her wear the jewels they bought and rishi does as she says and hurts Kusum while making her wear it. Yash sends flowers and Sayuri receives it. Gayatri mocks them for not saying anything regarding anther man giving flowers tot heir daughter in law. Kanha says that when they don’t have any problem with it the others shouldn’t worry about it. They take Kusum with them.

On the way, Gayatri goes to buy stuff for pooja and Rishi uses the opportunity to scold Kusum for not getting ready as he asked her to. Kusum after having enough warns him to not treat her bad as she has he brothers and sister in law. She’s about to get down when Rishi says that it seems like she doesn’t care about the safety of her family shocking Kusum. Kanha and Sayuri read the flowers note and finds that it’s for Kusum and not for Sayuri. They both think of the same thing and gets happy.

Rishi scares Kusum to harm her brothers, sister in law and her unborn baby and Kusum sits back stopping her resistance. Gayatri comes back as they leave. A girl comes to collect books from Sayuri and while giving it the books falls down. Sayuri bends down to pick it and after she leaves Dadi scolds her for being way too careless. Sayuri leaves apologizing when Dadi fills Saroj’s mind regarding the fear and asks her to be careful and warn Sayuri.

Sayuri is enjoying the food when she recalls Pandit’s word. She speaks with her baby to not get afraid as his baby parents will protect her. Saroj brings the next snack to Sayuri and she haves it. Saroj says that she accepted her for Kanha and reminds her about their relationship status. She says that she would go back to her old self if something happens to the baby and Sayuri gets shocked hearing it. She says that everyone loves their grandchild more than her own child and she would never forgive her if something happens to the baby.

Sayuri nods yes. Saroj says Dadi that she spoke with Sayuri and believes that she would listen to her. Dadi says sometimes they would need sometimes need to act harsh towards kids to make them understand. Sayuri prays to God about why Saroj told about her like that and thinks she still hate her. She turns around to find Kanha and tries to cover up the issue from Kanha. He believes that she’s upset regarding Pandit’s words. They both pray to god.

Precap : Sayuri will be on video call with Kanha while she’s in vehicle with Nakul. Kanha will find some suspicious bikes around them and will warn Sayuri. The men in the bike will hit Nakul with a rod and he faints. Sayuri will also faint on road.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th October 2022 Written Update: Pandit’s bad news for the baby.