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At the beginning of the episode, Saroj applies turmeric to Chiru. After this Kanha and Nakul also apply turmeric to Chiru. Anjali imagines that Kanha will apply turmeric to her too. Saroj tells God that no harm should come on her sons. Dhanraj tells Tej that Chiru is the pride of this house. Here Sayuri is taking selfie with her sisters. Kusum tells Kanha to bring Sayuri’s handprints on a silk cloth and keep it in the temple.

Kanha says why they all always send him to Sayuri only. Nakul says that if he doesn’t want to go then he can go. Kanha refuses and goes to Sayuri. Pihu is taking Sayuri’s photo. Kanha takes a phone from her hand and says that no one can take better photos from him. Sayuri also sees the photo and says that he takes really good photos. Kanha further asks Sayuri to give her the hand print on the silk cloth.

Sayuri does the same thing but Kanha slips and his hand also gets printed on the silk cloth. Sayuri scolds Kanha. Kanha says that it happened by mistake. After this he goes to the temple and keeps that cloth. But because of the wind that cloth flies away. Here Chiru wants to take presents for Sayuri. He is going out. Kanha tells him that he should not go out before marriage.

Chiru says that he has to get a gift for Sayuri so he has to go. Kanha says that he too will go with him. Chiru says fine. Here Saroj tells Kusum that she herself will make a turban for Chiru, so she should also help her. Kusum says ok. Sayuri is getting ready. She tells her sisters that they look very beautiful. Rashmi and Pihu say that she will go away from her.

Sayuri says that she will come to them whenever they need her. Whereas Kanha tells Nakul that they should pack their things as Sayuri is about to come here. Chiru says that the real owner of this room is about to come. Kanha says that he is not feeling well after hearing this. He says that in marriage girls leave their house and they too have to leave their room.

Chiru gets unhappy seeing them sad. He apologizes to them. Nakul says that he doesn’t need to apologize. Kanha says that this had to happen one day so he should not feel bad. Pihu and Rashmi dress up Sayuri as a bride. Sayuri is looking very beautiful. Bhanu and Indu praise Sayuri. Anjali comes there and says that she is looking very beautiful. Sayuri gets happy hearing this.

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