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The episode starts with Sayuri shouting getting shocked seeing jungle. Kanha says they have no other option and Sayuri panics. Indrani asks Rashmi if she has some feelings for Nakul. Rashmi stammers and lies no. She says that they are just friends but Indrani angrily confronts her about how she can think Saroj will accept for their relationship. She says every day they are living listening to her tantrums and atleast Kanha had the guts to speak against Saroj but Nakul is a kid. She warns Rashmi to stay away from Nikhil hereafter.

Dadi scolds Indrani for trying to stop Rashmi. She says that they are childhood friends and if they are meant to be each other’s then no one can stop them. Dadi gives example of Sayuri and Kanha who were getting more closer even after Saroj’s continuous efforts. Indrani reminds get that thru are married but Dadi says it’s just for the outside world. She asks her to leave kids their way.

Sayuri gets hurt while walking on jungle and Kanha asks her to be careful. He suggests her to walk hand on hand else she would fall. Sayuri has no option but agrees. Saroj keeps praying for Kanha while Dhanraj watches her. Kanha suggests Sayuri to stay there as its already dark. He says that they can stay there for the night and next day woop go to home finding a vehicle.

Sayuri panics immediately and says that there could be wild animals in jungles but Kanha mocks her saying that the most it can be is only mosquitos or in worst cases Snakes and scorpions. Sayuri panics more but Kanha tries calming her. Sayuri calls Anjali and says that Kanha not home yet. Anjali thinks that it seems like her plan didn’t go in vain completely and she still have hope.

Sayuri slips and falls down holding Kanha keeping her hand on his chest. They both fall into an eye lock. Kanha made bed using hags and turns to sleep in the opposite direction. Anjali lies to Saroj that Sayuri behaved very much drunk in the party and also made Kanha drink. Saroj gets shocked knowing that Kanha drunk.

Sayuri panics seeing wood. Kanha comforts her and puts her back. Anjali kept lying that Sayuri didn’t listen to her at all and even forced Kanha for drinking saying that he’s her husband. She says there are chances that Sayuri would’ve took Kanha to nearby hotel for spending the night with him and Saroj gets stunned. Anjali cuts the call and Saroj blames Sayuri for getting her son drunk.

Nakul refuses saying that Sayuri only drank juice so did Kanha but Saroj says she would’ve got drunk after they left which is why she sent them early. Anjali is happy that she managed to turn things against Sayuri. Kanha finds Sayuri sleeping holding him and admires her.

Rashmi says everyone at home that Nakul messaged her that Sayuri and Kanha were not home yet. They also gets panicked. Nakul doesn’t believe that Sayuri would’ve got Kanha drunk but Saroj firmly believes that Anjali won’t lie. Sayuri wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Kanha missing. She gets scared and shouts calling Kanha’s name.

Kanha who went to pick water hears her scream and starts rushing back to her. He loses his way and alsi understands that Sayuri is panicking a lot. He shouts back for her to listen hearing her scream. Sayuri keeps shouting Kanha’s name and turns around hearing sound. She gets shocked seeing three robbers. Saroj gets angry seeing Sayuri’s family and stops them from entering. Saroj says it’s because of her daughter her son is in danger. Indrani asks what’s she saying as her daughter is also missing.

Saroj blames Sayuri for getting Kanha drunk and blames their upbringing. They both fight but Dhanraj stops them as its not the time. Nakul says he contacted his friend Ajith whose father is a police. He says they sent a team to search Sayuri and Kanha. Dhanraj asks him to search in hospital too as anything could happen and they may need their help. Saroj gets scared. Robbers approach Sayuri.

Precap : Robbers will ask for Sayuri’s jewels and Sayuri will give it well. They will also demand for her nuptial chain but Sayuri will refuse to give it. The goon will try to stab her with a knife but Kanha will hold the knife

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th June 2022 Written Update: Sayuri and Kanha gets into an accident.