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At the beginning of the episode Sayuri calls Rashmi and Pihu for breakfast. Pihu tells her that her shoes are not getting cleaned. Sayuri helps her. Indu asks them to have breakfast at the earliest. Dadi comes there and tells them that Kanha is going to come today and then they will shoot together. Sayuri gets sad hearing this. While Dadi says that Saroj and Kanha are two different people, so she should not punish Kanha for Saroj’s mistake.

She further tells Indu that Tej had called her and he is apologizing to her. Indu says that Tej is older than her and he doesn’t need to apologize to her. Chiru messages Sayuri and asks her if she will come to meet him in the evening. She asks what will happen if Kanha comes to know about this. Chiru says that he will not tell anything to anyone. Here Saroj and Kusum notice that Kanha and Chiru are very upset.

Saroj tries to fix their mood. But Kanha and Chiru still do not talk. Tears welled up in Saroj’s eyes. Kanha feels that all this happened because of Sayuri and he will not leave her. Sayuri is leaving for college. Kanha comes. He tells her that yesterday his brother scolded him because of her. Sayuri says that he must have come to know how much Chiru loves her.

She is about to leave from there. But Kanha grabs her scooty. Sayuri gets upset with him. While Kanha does not leave her. He tortured her in college as well. On the other hand Indu is talking about Sayuri’s marriage. Saroj comes there and taunts her that Sayuri might be having an affair so she is refusing to get married. Indu gets angry on this and gives her a befitting reply.

Saroj gets mad. Kanha disturbs Sayuri at the college. Sayuri is leaving for home. Kanha sits on her scooty. Sayuri says today she will teach him a lesson. Here Chiru and Tej are talking about work. Saroj says that her son works very hard. She is carrying milk for him. Just then she hears that Tej is praising Indu. Hearing this, she gets angry.

Chiru thinks that he should tell Saroj about Sayuri. But then he has to go out of work. Then Kanha and Sayuri come there. Sayuri is screaming at Kanha. Chiru asks her the reason for her trouble. She tells him how Kanha has harassed her all day today. Chiru gets angry on Kanha. Here Saroj is bringing buttermilk for Chiru.

Precap: Saroj comes to know about Chiru and Sayuri. She tells Chiru to stay away from Sayuri.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th March 2022 Written Update: Kanha wants to separate Sayuri and Chiru