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The episode starts with Rashmi planning to go to pooja but have some ulterior motive behind it. Sayuri is getting ready to apply Alta on her Alta. Kanha comes there and he makes her apply Alta. They share a romantic eyelock. Sayuri urges him to leave soon as she needs to go and participate in pooja celebrations. They both comes down and sees Daddu making the design. Sayuri and Dadi appreciates his design. Kanha looks accusing at Saroj. Kanha says that Daddu made the design and asks her to set the plates. Saroj warns him but he doesn’t listen. Saroj tries explaining Kanha but in vain.

Sayuri brings the welcome late to her home and asks for Rashi. Everyone calls her and she comes there wearing the saree gifted by Sayuri. Sayuri is extremely happy and hugs her. Rashmi had a plan in her mind. Yash is getting ready and wonders if he’s over dressed for pooja. Kanha comes there to invite him and teases him for dressed like a groom. Yash is tensed and Kanha falls on his feet to invite him for pooja. Yash asks him to not to do so as he’s always his friend. He hugs him and leaves to change. Nakul meets Rashmi and compliments her for wearing the saree. Kanha and Sayuri meets with Rashmi and also compliments her. Kanha asks her to wear the smile more often.

Pooja starts and Yash is sitting on pooja. He suddenly gets a call who urges him to sign a file and bring it to him. Yash says he can’t do it but the other person forces him. Kanha offers to do the work and Yash warns him to check the files before signing. He leaves with the file but gets doubtful. Saroj says Sayuri that she forgot to make kheer to offer to God. Pandit gets confused and I’d about to say that no such custom exists. Saroj cuts him off saying that they follow it in her family.

Sayuri agrees to make the three types of Kheer and asks her not to worry. She leaves to make the kheer. Saroj apologizes to Sayuri in her mind for keeping her away from pooja but thinks she has no other choice. First Yash and Kusum completes the pooja and then Pandit performs it for Nakul and Rashmi. Nakul waits for his brother and sister in law while Rashmi gets tensed. Sayuri couldn’t get the time to complete the three types of kheer while Kanha hurries to end the meeting. Sayuri’s Dadi is confused about the custom which never existed before.

Precap : Saroj will slip and the aarti plate will fall off her hand but Sayuri will save it on time shocking Saroj. Kanha will make it clear that if she doesn’t want Sayuri to be a part of the wedding rituals then even he will not take part in any of it shocking Saroj.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 28th November 2022 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri’s romantic moment.