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The episode starts with Sayuri disturbed seeing Saroj’s smile. She wonders what’s in Saroj’s mind. She believes that her expression and words are completely different. She wonders if she’s acting. She thinks that her Rash is finally getting something good and she can’t let that ruin her.

Nakul and Kanha were discussing about now everything went well. Nakul falls on his feet and credits him for teaching him hot fo love. He says that it’s him who gave him courage to fight for his love. Kanha asks not to flatter him and they both leave wishing each other. Kanha comes to Sayuri and romances with her. He sees her tensed face and says something is wrong with her. Indrani is discussing with Nani about how Saroj’s actions and words didn’t Co ordinate. She says that she really didn’t accept Rashmi.

Rashmi comes there and happily shows off the bangles given by Saroj. She suggests to keep it safe or she would ask Saroj to keep it herself. Indrani watches worried. Kanha makes Sayuri to sit and asks her to share her worries with him. Sayuri says that she’s definitely happy for her sister as she’s like a daughter for her.

However she wonders how did Saroj agree for the wedding while Kanha looks shocked. Indrani also says Rashmi that she’s worried about her and not bangles. She says Saroj’s sudden change is surprising and doubtful and Rashmi asks if Sayuri puts the thoughts in her. Indrani immediately refuses while Rashmi blames them for not trusting her enough to be capable.

Kanha also convinces Sayuri that after so much things happened in the house, Saroj would’ve undergone similar stress which is why she wanted peace in the house. Indrani expresses that everything seems so perfect and Rashmi assures them that everything is going right. She says that she believes that there’s no plan behind whatever happened.

Kanha also says the same to Sayuri that when something good happens then it would get hard for their heart to accept it. He asks her to believe that everything is happening well. Rashmi says that she will take care of the bangles herself and asks them not to worry unnecessarily and leaves.

Indrani is shocked with Rashmi’s new attitude while Nani says that it’s the effect of love as she wants to believe that everything is fine. Indrani suggests to to go to temple but Nani is sure that Saroj has something in her mind. Sayuri agrees with Kanha’s words and believes what he says. She finds rashes on his body and applies ointment. They both gets intimate.

Next day morning, Dhanraj praises Saroj for her yesterday’s actions which made everyone happy. Kusum asks how did she change all of a sudden. Saroj says that she already lost one son and Kanha is staying away. She says she don’t want another messed up relationship with Nakul. Kusum agrees saying that they should get them engaged soon. Everyone worries about Kusum but Kusum says she’s fine. They all agree to plan the engagement.

Precap : Sayuri will go to kitchen to help Saroj. Rashmi will say they she don’t want her relationship with Saroj to be like Sayuri. Saroj will make Rashmi’s favourite dish and Kusum will suggest Sayuri’s favourite too. Saroj will not mind it.

The episode starts with Rashmi getting offended with Sayuri’s questioning. Rashmi says she’s very sure about their relationship. Sayuri says she’s asking because Saroj would definitely create issues. However she says that if their love is true then Kanha will do something and will get them united.

Rashmi says she’s over thinking and Saroj is really silent and didn’t say anything even with them coming home and seeing her with her Nakul too. Sayuri tries explaining her but Rashmi is sure that Saroj won’t create a problem and leaves. Sayuri wonders about Rashmi’s changed behaviour and wonders what’s the reason.

Saroj is holding a plate when Kusum comes there searching for sandal. She sees Saroj sitting silently holding the plate and leaves. Dhanraj asks Kusum what she’s thinking. Kusum says that her mother is being so silent than needed and speaks only is needed. She feels something weird about it. Dhanraj says that even after so many years he couldn’t understand her and asks her to let it be. He says that every thing would be alright.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th August 2022 Written Update: Sayuri and Kanha dance on Janmashtami.