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At the beginning of the episode, Sayuri tells Chiru that she is not feeling well. Chiru says that she need not worry as everything will be fine. Sayuri says nothing will be fine. Here Nakul asks Kanha what is happening here. He asks if Saroj has come to know about Chiru and Sayuri. Kanha tells him that he had locked Sayuri in the temple in anger. He leaves from there hastily.

He says that he will not let anything bad happen to Chiru. Indu asks Saroj where are they going. Saroj does not give her any answer. While Dhanraj and everyone else wonders where Saroj is going. Later they all reach the temple and are shocked to see Sayuri and Chiru together. Pandit ji tells them that he wanted to bring the truth in front of everyone, so he did not open the door earlier. Saroj is about to say something but Dhanraj stops her.

Saroj goes to Chiru. He asks her to listen to him once. Saroj refuses for this. Sayuri folds hands in front of Saroj and asks her to understand them once. Indu holds Sayuri’s hand. She is taking her from there. Kanha tells them that he had locked Sayuri and Chiru here. He says that he did not know that Chiru is also in the temple. He thought that Sayuri was alone and in anger he locked her here.

Saroj says that she knows that he loves his brother very much so he is taking the blame of his brother on his head. Kanha says that he is telling the truth. Chiru gets angry and asks Kanha to keep quiet. Then he extends his hand to Sayuri. Sayuri holds his hand. Saroj gets shocked seeing this and leaves from there. Dadi tells Indu if she should go home now.

Indu is taking Sayuri from there. Sayuri tells Kanha that what he has done today is very wrong. She adds that even 18 years ago he had ruined everything and today this new problem has also come because of him. She says that he has defamed not only their family but also their love. Saying this she leaves from there. Kanha apologizes to Chiru. But he refuses to forgive him.

Kanha’s eyes moisten. Kanha says that now Saroj will get angry with Chiru. He gets sad and sits on the ground. Kusum sees Saroj upset and asks where did she go. She locks herself in the storeroom. Nakul comes there. Kusum asks Nakul what happened. He asks her where is Saroj. She tells him that she has locked herself in the storeroom. Nakul asks her to open the door but Saroj does not listen to anyone. Kanha comes home ahead. He sees that Grandpa is very happy. He says that he is very happy about Sayuri and Chiru’s relationship.

Precap: Sayuri tells Indu that she can never stop loving Chiru.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th March 2022 Written Update: Kanha locks Sayuri in the temple