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At the beginning of the episode, Saroj is draping a sari for Kusum. She says to her that now she needs to learn how to drap sari as she won’t come to her house. Kusum asks Saroj if this time her Rishta will be fixed. Saroj asks her not to worried about this as this time everything will be fine. Saroj then goes to the kitchen to do some work. Kusum asks her where is Sayuri. Saroj tells her that she went to Indu’s house and it is good that she is not here. Nakul comes there. He praises Kusum and says that she is looking so pretty.

Saroj asks him not to tell this anyone. Nakul asks her why. She says that she doesn’t want Sayuri to come here. Nakul gets upset hearing this. She leaves there in anger. Later Rashmi gives Nakul ice cream. She notices that he is upset. She asks him what happened. Nakul says nothing to him. Sayuri arrives there. Nakul informs her that today is some people are coming for Kusum’s Rishta. Sayuri gets happy. She says that Chiru always wanted that Kusum to get married before them.

She says that she should go home so that she can help Saroj. Nakul tries to stop her. But Sayuri doesn’t hear him and goes inside the house. Saroj’s guests start praising Sayuri’s beauty. They say that if Sayuri was their daughter then they will get their son married to her. Sayuri and Kusum feel uncomfortable. Kanha says to them that they should not say so as they are not feeling comfortable.

Sayuri tells them that Kusum is the best choice for their son. As she is not only beautiful but she also has values and morals. Mohit’s family gets upset hearing this. They say that they don’t want to have any relationship with them. Kanha says that Kusum doesn’t deserve such a man in her life. While Kusum comes to Sayuri and starts yelling at her. Sayuri gets upset. Dhanraj and others try to calm down Kusum. Kusum goes to her room.

Saroj says to Sayuri that she knew that she would do something like this. Sayuri tries to talk to her but Saroj doesn’t pay heed to her words. Here Dhanraj and Tej come to Kusum’s room. They ask her not to cry as that man is not a good one for her. Kusum starts blaming Sayuri for all this. Dhanraj tries to make her understand that those people were not good and they were able to see their true faces because of Sayuri.

On the other hand, Anjali is getting worried. She recalls that Sayuri told her that she will leave Kanha. She thinks that she should believe Sayuri. Here Sayuri says to Kanha that she is so unlucky. Kanha asks her not to say so. Sayuri adds that she spoiled Anjali and Kusum’s life. Kanha tells her that Anjali is just his friend and she is his wife and will be his wife for the rest of his life. Sayuri stands shocked.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th May 2022 Written Update: Kanha helps Sayuri