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The episode starts with Kanha touches Sayuri’s tears and says its love and only few get to have this love. He says that not everyone gets to have this love. He says that God is aware that they both can’t stay without the other person and so got them married and made them friends. He asks why does she want to lose what they have. Sayuri asks him to leave as she don’t have answers. She tries leaving but Kanha calls her. He asks her to go if she wants to leave but asks her to say what’s wrong. He says if she has right to leave then he too have the right to know the reason.

Kusum says Saroj that she herself is scared of Anjali now. Saroj supports Anjali but Kusum calls her obsessive. Saroj says what’s wrong in it as people go mad in love but Kusum says it’s extreme level. Saroj recalls what they did with Sayuri but Kusum says it’s because she was afraid of losing her other sontoi just like Chirag and did it out of fear. Saroj says Anjali is also doing all this out of fear of losing Kanha.

 She says that she loves Kanha more than Sayuri and wants to keep him at any cost. She says people crosses the line out of unconditional love and it’s not wrong as long as Sayuri is away from Kanha. She leaves while Kusum is very certain that Anjali has something at her sleeves and believes she’s going to do something really bad.

Kanha asks Sayuri to say what’s in her mind and leave. Sayuri asks him to leave her hand but Kanha forces her to say the reason. Sayuri says that she became the reason for Chirag’s death and don’t want to become the reason for another one’s love. She says that he doesn’t love her but is just showering gratitude on her. She says that he wants to protect her from everyone who wants to hurt her and thinks it to be love. She asks how could he forget Anjali’s love who loved him unconditionally and was about to get married to him. She asks if he doesn’t see her love for him and confronts him.

Nakul eats God’s offering and Saroj scolds him. She asks what would she serve God now. Nakul asks what’s the big deal when God is anyhow not going to listen to her prayers. He says that her mind is filled with hatred and vengeance and God would never listen to prayers of such people. Nakul says he learnt to love from his brothers and really values it.

He says that she wants to separate people who loves each other and says God would never forgive her for it. He says that it’s parents who teaches children to love but here it’s happening reverse. Saroj asks him to leave and Nakul says he’s ready to leave even the house and asks her to mend her ways before it’s too late. Saroj shouts at him to leave and he goes.

Sayuri tried leaving and Kanha asks if they are kids and asks if marriage is all a game to her. Sayuri asks him to let her leave but Kanha says he would have left if he felt she doesn’t love him at all but she does. He says he never felt such type of feeling before and has such feelings only for her. He asks her to not disregard his feelings. Nakul apologizes God for his mother’s actions. He says that his mother is behaving wrong after his brother’s death and prays God to keep Sayuri and Kanha united. Anjali sees Sayuri’s family from upstairs and angrily dresses herself up to deal with certain things in order to get Kanha.

Kanha expresses that he never felt the type of love he has for her and never experiences all that he felt for her when she left to Delhi. He says that it’s true that he started the relationship for his brother but now he couldn’t think of a life without her. He pleads her to come back to him and opens his arms. Sayuri comes back but returns Kanha’s ring and runs away.


Precap : Anjali will warn Sayuri’s family that she’s back and will definitely break Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship. Kanha will decide to not give up so easily. Rashmi will say Anjali that her thoughts will never come true and Anjali angrily holds her wrist. Sayuri angrily shouts Anjali’s name.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Anjali provokes Saroj.