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Kanha comes inside the house at the beginning of the episode. Nakul brings water for him. Kanha drinks it and looks at Chiru. Dhanraj tells Chiru that he has done what no one dared to do. He adds but now he has to choose in between love and blessings. He tells him that he wants Sayuri to become the daughter-in-law of this house but he cannot say anything against Saroj as she has done a lot for this family.

Kanha says that all this happened because of him. Nakul asks him not to blame herself. Kanha asks about Saroj. Nakul tells him that Saroj is in the storeroom. Kanha gets worried for Saroj. With the help of the camera, he sees what Saroj has been up to. Just then Nakul gets a call from Rashmi. She asks him if everything is fine. He refuses. Rashmi asks Nakul why Kanha did all this.

Nakul says that Kanha has not done anything intentionally. Kanha asks Nakul to calm down. Kanha further sees that Saroj has fainted. He gets upset and tells this to everyone. Then Chiru and everyone else break the door. Here Sayuri imagines that her father is with her and is telling her that if she wants to get something, she will have to work hard to get it. Sayuri promises that she will not give up.

Here Saroj regains consciousness. Dr tells the Chaudhary family that Saroj’s BP had increased. He adds that it is good that they have paid attention to Saroj otherwise anything could have happened. Kusum asks if Saroj is fine now. He says yes and leaves from there. Dhanraj says that he should not have left Saroj alone. Kanha says that this is happening because of him. Chiru asks Saroj to say something but she does not say anything.

Dadaji asks Kanha to do something. Kanha thinks that he has to do something. He sings for Saroj. Kanha tells Saroj that she should scold him but should not remain silent like this. He wants her to talk to him. Nakul and Chiru also ask Saroj to say something. Saroj still remains calm. Here Indu is unable to sleep. She wants to talk to Sayuri but does not. Next morning Chiru and everyone else gets up.

Dhanraj comes to their room. Kanha asks him what is Saroj doing. He tells them that she is doing puja in the temple and maybe she is going to take some decision today. Here Indu tells Bhanu that maybe Saroj is not feeling well. Rashmi tells them that Saroj had fainted yesterday. Indu tells Bhanu that even years ago when Saroj had performed such puja, her mansion was snatched from her, so she doesn’t know what is going to happen today.

Precap: Saroj tells Pihu to come to Chaudhary Haveli with her family. Pihu gets shocked hearing this.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st April 2022 Written Update: Saroj torture herself