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The episode starts with Indrani confronting Sayuri. She is making medicine but Indrani pushes it away. She demands answer from Sayuri who shouts that what exactly she could do. Anjali comes to upset Kanha and says that she’s there for him. Sayuri says that if she doesn’t get separated from Kanha Anjali would die.

Indrani asks what about herself and Kanha and asks whether they would live without each other. Sayuri says that they have to and there’s no other option. Kanha pushes away Anjali and says that he said many times that Sayuri is his wife and asks her not to intrude. He leaves and Anjali tries following but Dadaji pleads her to not go behind.

Dadaji leaves and Dhanraj asks Saroj how did she became Kaikeyi from Kaushalya. Hey says that he can understand her concerns but asks whether she lost her all conscience to fall so deep. He says that her attitude may even cost Kanha’s love and asks her to correct her mistake before it’s too late.

He asks her to send Anjali home and bring Sayuri back if she cares for Kanha and leaves. Saroj falls down upset as Kanha and Dhanraj’s words keeps ringing in her mind. Rashmi asks Sayuri what if Anjali was acting shocking Sayuri. Priya agrees with her and says that she even threatened them and wonders what if she was acting as her actions are doubtful.

Nakul comes to Kanha and asks why didn’t he go to Sayuri’s. He says he did go till her door but returned as Sayuri don’t want to see him. He says he don’t want keep irritating her and Nakul agrees with him. He recalls Anjali’s words. Sayuri supports Anjali when everyone else was against her. She asks then not to blame without any proofs and says she herself wants Anjali to marry Kanha. They asks if she had gone mad and Kanha is already married. Sayuri says that she won’t hinder their marriage and goes in while others were frustrated with her behavior.

Nakul says Kanha that he wants to speak about Anjali and its related to him and Sayuri. He says about what Anjali said and suspects all the suicide drama is just an act. He says that he can understand that it’s difficult to think wrong about his friend but asks him to think well. Anjali recalls Kanha’s words and her hate for Sayuri increases.

Nakul reasons that who would decide and also would call and say to the person who can send him to rescue her. He says that she also took only enough sleeping pills that could make her faint and its the same night Sayuri left the house. He asks don’t he find some thing strange about it.

Sayuri thinks that she left Kanha only for Anjali’s love and not obsession and prays that it’s not a drama. Dhanraj, Dadaji, Indrani and Nani were discussing about Sayuri. They asks them to send Anjali out of the house as only then Sayuri can come to the house. Anjali refuses to back off from her love. Nakul makes Kanha understand that Anjali is the problem and asks him to send her home for all the problems to be resolved. Anjali hears it all.

Precap : Kanha will visit sleeping Sayuri at night and will write her name in his palm. He will kiss her forehead and leaves. Anjali will also comes to sleeping Kanha’s room and will look at his palm with Sayuri’s name.

The episode starts with Sayuri in cab and recalls Kanha’s words. Kanha also recalls Sayuri’s words. Anjali comes to Sayuri’s House and everyone gets shocked seeing her. Anjali greets them and says that she came to greet them as they are really close to Kanha.

Priya gets angry and taunts Anjali. Anjali says that she’s getting married to Kanha shocking everyone. Kanha says that he knows that Sayuri loves him and he won’t accept defeat so easily. He says people lose something only when the accept their defeat ahd he’s not a quitter.

Anjali says the family that they look shocked and asks if they have no idea about what happened at house. She’s about to say it but Dadi stops her saying that she they don’t want to hear anything and asks her to leave. Anjali still insists and says that she’s going to break Sayuri’s marriage. Indrani and others gets angry at Anjali.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 4th August 2022 Written Update: Anjali warns Sayuri and her family.