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The episode starts with Sayuri trying to calm Indrani assuring that they would make sure for the wedding to take place. Saroj provokes Rashmi against Sayuri and fills her mind against her. Sayuri says that they already decided to do the marriage done in a simple way. Saroj says that she never felt Balwant did a favour on them when he helped them. She convinces that Sayuri is doing all that being jealous on her and takes her leave. Rashmi gets into thinking while Saroj smirks.

Dhanraj and Dadaji were discussing about business when Saroj comes there. She puts an act in front of them and acts like she hurt Indrani unintentionally. Rashmi looked angrily at Sayuri and left inside. Saroj says that she just wanted to get her dreams fulfilled and acted so out of the line. She goes inside and Dadaji and Dhanraj felt bad. Saroj hides and hears them and thinks Thad she lost many things and she will retrieve one by one slowly from husband to sons. Rashmi recalls Saroj’s words and thinks that Sayuri is risking her marriage for her own issues with Saroj. Sayuri also gets worried recalling Rashmi’s look towards her.

Kanha comes to Sayuri and says that he found a way to conceive Saroj and suggests to her get a grand child for her. Indrani and Nani comes to Rashmi to convince her when she indirectly expresses her disappointment with Sayuri. She says that she always had to compromise from her childhood days and gets to wear Sayuri’s used clothes.

She says she didn’t even have the opportunity to study the stream of her choice and take Sayuri’s stream as they couldn’t afford the books. She says as Sayuri went to Jon to take up house responsibility she gave tuitions for kids to help them. She says she accepted everything given to her considering the situation. She says for the first time she’s getting something without fighting for it and asks why would they spoil it with their ego. Sayuri asks whose ego she’s talking about.

Kanha comes to Saroj to conceive her but Saroj just taunts Sayuri. She agrees for the engagement to take place in Haveli with only both the families and the marriage will take place with few guests. Kanha finds it better and Saroj taunts whether his wife would be happy now. Sayuri confronts Rashmi that who made her cry and Rahmani says her ego.

Kusum comes there and Kanha asks for tea from her. She teases him. She finds Saroj getting garland ready for God for thanking for the upcoming marriage. Kusum couldn’t understand the hidden meaning behind the words. Rashmi angrily confronts Sayuri and calls her ego as the reason for all the problems. Kusum wonders Saroj’s intentions as Rashmi accuses Sayuri for not able to handle her happiness. She asks why would she interrupt when everything was going well. Indrani shouted at her to stop but she didn’t listen.

Precap : Rashmi will make it clear that Sayuri shouldn’t interfere in her marriage decisions and says she herself will take her decisions. Sayuri will promise that she won’t interfere and Rashmi leaves thanking her.

The episode starts with Nakul promising Sayuri that he would take care of Rashmi very well. He says that they would have a life like them. Sayuri asks why like them as they can be having their own life. She says that after marriage she will treat her like sister in law and not sister. She says she would make her do work. Kanha comes there and joins their chat. They all plan their life after marriage. Saroj hears it and thinks that it’s not going to go as per she planned. She says she will make sure that Rashmi will behave like sister in law and not sister. She leaves taunting her.

Nakul leaves getting a call and Kanha predicts that it’s from Rashmi. He teases him. Once he leaves Kanha and Sayuri make their future plans and promises to always share things with each other. Sayuri is about to leave when Kanha stops her and calls her for a dance. They both dance together.. Kanha and Sayuri were present at Sharma’s House to discuss about engagement when Nakul comes there. He comes there with Saroj shocking everyone. She says that she wants to take part in wedding discussions.

Saroj brings best costumer, makeup artist and jeweller for fixing the arrangements. She says that she has got all the best from the city and asks her to choose anything of her choice. She says that she is not lucky enough to watch a grand wedding of her sons and Nakul is the only way for her to fulfil her wishes. She suggests to book an expensive wedding hall and post the articles on news paper. She also wants to live cover the marriage. Everyone were worried about the expenses while Saroj tries the jewels on Rashmi. Kanha thinks that she’s planning too much expenses without knowing their current situation. He thinks that they can afford fir the wedding but not much as they met never know when they would bounce back in business.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 3rd September 2022 Written Update: Sayuri interrupts Saroj during the shopping.