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The episode starts with Sayuri looking at her picture with Kanha and misses him. Kanha also sees her from window. Saroj recalls Dhanraj’s words when Anjali comes there. Anjali asks Saroj what will she do when Kanha asks her to throw her out of the house. Anjali asks whether they will bring Sayuri home who killed her son and insulted her in front of her family. She emotionally manipulates Saroj who says that she can never accept Sayuri and Sayuri could never take her place in Kanha’s life. She asks her to wait for sometime while Kanha himself will forget Sayuri and will accept her. Kanha sees Sayuri about to sleep.

Anjali asks Saroj whether it would happen and Saroj assures that it won’t. Anjali makes Saroj promise that she won’t throw her out of the house. She says that if she goes back at her words and something happens to her then only she and Kanha will be responsible for it. Kanha watches Sayuri sleeping. He takes a jar filled with lighting bugs and passes it inside her room. Sayuri gets surprised seeing it. Anjali indirectly blackmails Saroj that if something happens to her then the whole family had to pay for it. Saroj is speechless and says that nothing like that would happen. Anjali says she wishes but continues blackmailing Saroj. Saroj pleads her to not say anything bad.

Anjali hurts herself banging against the wall and Saroj gets scared. She asks what happened for which Anjali says that she just got hurt by mistake but Saroj fears that her father would blame Kanha for it. Anjali asks her to get the first aid box and find a solution if she doesn’t want that to happen. Kanha dreams of dancing with Sayuri. Sayuri looks at herself in front of mirror and dreams of filling her forehead with vermillion. Saroj comes Dhanraj and he asks asks what’s she doing. He says that Sayuri and Kanha love each other a lot and her god destined couple. Saroj says that all this time everything happened upon God’s wish and not anymore. She says that Anjali is the right person for Kanha but Dhanraj says she will soon realise that Sayuri is the right choice.

Kanha admires sleeping Sayuri and kisses her forehead. He comes to Saroj who’s lost in Anjali’s words. He asks Saroj ti throw Anjali out of the house as she’s good now. Saroj tries denying but Kanha assures that she’s completely fit and asks her to send Anjali. Anjali comes to Kanha’s room and finds him sleeping. She looks at his hand which has Sayuri’s name on his palm and gets upset. Anjali takes a sindoor box and takes Kanha’s hand in it. Sayuri feels disturbed. Anjali dips the sindoor with his hand and applies it on her forehead and also video records it. Sayuri wakes up startled.

Sayuri is about to get down but her legs twist and she falls and gets hurt on her head. Her head starts bleeding and has a tiny of blood drop like sindoor. Anjali kisses Kanha’s leg and applies more sindoor on her forehead. Sayuri looks at mirror and reapplies her vermillion. She thinks why does she feel like something very precious to her is getting snatched away from her.

Precap : Kanha will dream of Sayuri waking him up romantically. Anjali will come there dressed like a new wife and Kanha will be extremely shocked seeing it.

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