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At the beginning of the episode, Saroj tells Sayuri that everything happened because of her. Indu says that it was not Sayuri’s fault but hers. Saroj says that if Sayuri’s wanted to damage Kanha’s eyes. Indu says that Sayuri had also suffered a head injury that day. In the flashback, Kanha is running away with Sayuri’s doll. Sayuri wants him to give her doll. Kanha refuses.

They both fall. Saroj comes there and asks Chiru to bring medicine for Kanha. Chiru says that both are hurt so he will bring medicine for both of them. After this a fight starts between Chiru and Sayuri. Sayuri says that he has complained to his mother so she will also complain to her father and then her father will beat him with a stick. Kanha says that he will also complain to his father.

Sayuri says that her father is Dhanraj’s boss so will not be able to say to him anything. Saroj gets angry hearing this. She asks Sayuri to keep quiet. Balraj comes there and asks what happened. Sayuri says that Kanha has hurt her head. Balraj asks her to calm down. Indu and everyone else also comes there. Balraj asks Indu to bring ice so that he can compress Sayuri’s head. This will cool down the kid’s injury.

Saroj says that she will get cool only when Sayuri has a similar injury mark on her forehead. Balraj is shocked to hear this. He asks her why she is saying all this. Saroj says that she will speak the truth today. She accuses Balraj that he has kept Dhanraj as a servant and the same thing Sayuri is doing to her children. Indu says that she will talk to Sayuri and she will not make such a mistake.

Saroj does not listen to her and says that she wants to know why Dhanraj works all day and Balraj goes on vacation with his family. Dhanraj tells Saroj to shut up. He tells her that Balraj has helped him a lot. Saroj says that Balraj cannot progress without Dhanraj. Balraj says that what she is saying is true. He asks her what she wants.

She tells him that she wants a share in this house. Indu gets angry and slaps her. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Indu tells Saroj that she respects her, it doesn’t mean she will say to them anything. She asks her to leave the house. Flashback over. Indu tells Saroj that she is too proud to be rich which will not take time to shatter. Saroj tells her to accept the deal given by her or else it will not be good.

Precap: Saroj gets angry at Chiru and says to him that from now on she is not his mother.



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