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The episode starts with Rashmi getting shocked seeing Sayuri and wonders if she’s really Sayuri. She asks how’s it possible and if she’s alive why didn’t she return home yet and who’s the guy with her. Sayuri is in car with Vikranth and tries to explain that she wasn’t wrong but he didn’t pay attention to her. Rashmi is shivering that how can someone resemble so much and wonders if its Sayuri when did she meet Kanha. She’s shivering to get exposed and suspects if Kanha, Sayuri and Yash were plotting against her. Kanha comes home angrily and Yash tries to comfort him. Kanha is worried that Vikrsnt will do something to Sayuri. Yash says people in the houses will ikkes identify something is wrong seeing him and asks him to control himself.

Rashmi misses Sayuri’s car. She wonders where would she find the vehicle now. Rashmi says to herself that she can’t live with tension and fear and wants answer for her questions. She thinks that only one person can answer her questions. Kanha and Yash comes home and everyone worriedly questions about where they went. They also scold Yash for leaving with him.

Kanha apologizes them saying that he suddenly got reminded of Sayuri which is why he went out without informing them as he didn’t want to trouble them. He says Yash also followed him for checking on him. He asks forgiveness for worrying them. Nakul taunts him for always making people worry without caring about responsibilities. He spew venemous taunts at him and Saroj scolded him. He leaves angrily inside. Sayuri comes home and tries explaining Vikrsnt but he lashes out at her saying that all the punishments for her mistakes will be given to that person scaring Sayuri.

Rashmi angrily comes back home and Nakul is waiting for her. He asks where she was and she leaves angrily inside saying that she first needs to speak with Kanha. She goes to Kanha’s room and Nakul gets irked that she’s also worried about Kanha only. Rashmi goes to Kanha and angrily confronts him about Sayuri. She says she saw her in the party and who’s the man with her. Kanha lies that nothing such and that Sayuri is not alive. Rashmi refuses to believe and continuously forces him to answer. He asks how did she find him and she says about finding the party invitation card. He scolds her for entering his room without his permission. Rashmi asks him to swear on Sayuri and he swears but on his dead wife’s name. Rashmi catches his tricky promise.

Vikranth calls someone and makes a baby cry through phone. He asks them to increase the crying and Sayuri pleads with him not to. Yash asks Kanha why did he hide the truth from Rashmi. Kanha says Sayuri is already hiding something and he can’t risk it more before finding the truth. It’s revealed that the baby is Sayuri and Kanha’s baby and finally Vikranth let’s go after Sayuri’s pleading. Sayuri recalls her moments with Kanha and apologizes in mind. Kanha wakes up startled.

Precap : Vikranth will fume that Sayuri tried to leave him. Sayuri will apologize Kanha in mind saying that she wish she could explain her situation to him. Kanha will also be in pain.

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Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th January 2023 Written Update: Rashmi reaches the mask party.