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The episode starts with everyone participating in Holi aarti when Yash and Kusum come there. Everyone hug she greet then except Rashmi. Everyone dances and enjoys it. Kanha and Sayuri get romantic in between. They apply colours when Vikranth comes there. Sayuri sees him but doesn’t react for family’s happiness. Vikranth watches it while Sayuri keeps ignoring him. Sayuri thinks that she needs to leave to come back after curing her Mentel state.

An ambulance comes there and the person gets down to get Sayuri. Indu asks them who they are and they say that they are there to pick up Sayuri. Indu gets shocked. Dadi Mausi asks Saroj if Kanha can survive without Sayuri. Indu comes there and says that it’s impossible. She asks them how they could be so heartless with Sayuri. They get offended and say that it’s Sayuri herself who wanted to get the treatment as she was worried about the safety of her child. They ask her to confirm with Sayuri itself. Indu comes to Sayuri and gets emotional. However she didn’t question anything to Sayuri. Sayuri thinks that everyone has already been used to living without her but is only worried about the kids. She leaves in search of the kids.

While Sayuri was searching for Kuku, Vikranth came in front of her. She gets shocked to see him. Kanha and Nakul search for her while Vikranth throws colour at Sayuri wishing happy Holi to her. Kanha and Nakul reach there while Kanha chases after Vikranth. Vikranth runs away but Kanha hits his leg and he falls down. Vikranth comes closer to him and removes the mask off his face revealing himself as Ravi.

Kanha drags him in front of everyone and reveals that he’s the guy who was scaring Sayuri as Vikranth all this while wearing a mask. They gets shocked about the same when Kanha beats him badly . He asks him who sent him to scare Sayuri and why. Saroj panics hearing it. He asks if the person is there and he nods yes. He points his finger at Rashmi shocking everyone.

Precap: Rashmi will plead innocence in front of Nakul when Sayuri ask her to shut up. She reveals in front of everyone that her falling from the cliff is not an accident and someone has pushed her off the cliff. She reveals that the person is Rashmi.

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