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The episode starts with Sayuri seeing a I love you notice on the floor and immediately identifies it to be Kanha. Kanha hugs her from behind and says he is very happy. Sayuri said the reason to celebrate. Kanha says that they don’t need a reason to celebrate. They share and enjoy tea. Dadi Mausi is setting up the table and she finds Chaman passing by with a water jug. She taunts her and Chaman dreams of feeding chillies to Dadi. Kanha and Sayuri come to the table and Sayuri is about to go to bring the children. Chaman stops her saying that the kids are sleeping and Susheela didi is with them. They were about to sit to have food when they suddenly heard Kiara crying. Kanha is snout to go to check on her but gets surprised seeing Saroj coming out with the baby.

Saroj says that she made a mistake by keeping the kids away and promises that she would raise Kiara the same way as she did with Kanha. Kanha teases her and they all sit down to have food. Saroj suggests doing pooja with kids and everyone agrees. Kanha asks for Nakul but Dhanraj says that he already called him but he refuses to come saying that he’s not hungry. Chaman sighs in relief that she doesn’t have to cover her face. Kanha is about to go to bring him when suddenly Chaman drops the spoon under the table. She bends to pick up and when she gets up she finds Nakul in front of her but his concentration is on the phone. She immediately covers her face. Nakul looks at everyone watching him amused and says he came to join them as everyone has assembled together after so long. He joins them. Chaman thinks that they can enjoy how much ever they want as the next day they all would be out of the house while she’ll rule the house. Kanha says that the vlog he shot with kids and Chaman got viral. He says that she got popular overnight and Chaman gets excited. Chaman gets the phone from Kanha but Dadi Mausi interrupts and takes it in between. She then forwards it to. Chaman gets excited seeing her in the video.

Nakul asks her to pass the video to him too. Chaman gets worried as her face is visible in the video. She while forwarding pretends like twisting her leg and breaks the phone. Everyone rushes to help her while Dadi Mausi scolds Chaman for the broken phone. Kanha says it’s fine and asks her to go in. Sayuri gets doubtful on Chaman. She shares it with Kanha and says about Nakul not seeing her complete face but still finding her familiar. She decides to clear things as it’s a matter of their kids safety. Chaman happily shares with Tingu about her timely act and continues planning for the next day but Tingu shuts her saying that it’s a posted video and can be seen from any mobile. Chaman panics. Sayuri brings the video to Nakul but Nakul who’s drinking away his pain tries to hide it.

Precap: Sayuri asks Chaman to accompany them to the temple too but Chaman turns her down. Sayuri compels her to join them while Chaman fumes. After reaching the temple Saroj asks for Chaman to Sayuri while on the other hand Chaman is enjoying like a Queen in the house.

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Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 24th March 2023 Written Update: Sayuri finds the DNA report to Saroj.