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The episode starts with Rashmi cribbing that she did so much for the family and got only jail food in return. She promises to get revenge on everyone. Nakul is drinking and couldn’t go in front of Sayuri who was waiting for him. He blames Rashmi for it when a new girl appears in front of him. He asks who’s she and she says it’s rare that he doesn’t know her as people know her very well whoever is upset. Nakul says that he wants to be alone and asks her to leave but she snatches the bottle from Nakul and drinks the alcohol shocking him. Sayuri is upset that Nakul didn’t come to meet her despite her stating that it’s an emergency. Kanha comes there excited and Sayuri asks what it is. Kanha happily shows her the matching clothes he got for Kuku and Sayuri likes it. She admires him.

Next day, Kanha and Sayuri get happy seeing their kids in the same colour dress and praise Kuku’s outfit. Chaman hides and gears their talks and asks Tingu to come home when everyone are gone. Saroj searches for Nakul but Dadi Mausi asks her to not spoil the happy environment by questioning Nakul. She takes her with her. Sayuri calls Chaman and asks her to get ready to go to temple. Chaman tries avoiding but Sayuri says with finality that she must come with them. Sayuri asks Chaman to take blessings from god as it’s a good day. Chaman says god has already blessed me so what’s the need to go? Sayuri says we don’t say like this for god so get ready, me and Kanha are leaving with kids and you come with mom and dad.

Chaman says okay. Chaman thinks she is such a pusher, she failed all my plans. Sayuri thinks something is not right with her, she is just making excuses to stay back why am I getting all this wrong feeling about Chaman. Later, Sayuri and Kanha reach the temple with the kids. Sayuri insists on waiting for Saroj and Dhanraj as Chaman is with them and puja items too. They see Saroj and everyone comes. Kanha goes inside with the kids. Sayuri waits for Chaman when Saroj comes there and Sayuri asks her about Chaman. Saroj tells her how Chaman got her periods so she couldn’t come to the temple. Everyone goes to the temple when Sayuri thinks something is not right, everything was okay when I was with Chaman and then all this, I don’t have a good vibe about her staying alone at home. Sayuri thinks of all her intuition and moments where she doubted Chaman.

Chaman dances around the house and feels like a princess. Sayuri asks Kanha to go back home as her intuition says that Chaman is alone at home and her intentions are not right, maybe I am wrong but I don’t feel comfortable with Chaman alone at home as all other staff are out. Nakul wakes up and the prostitute girl too. The girl thanks Nakul for spending such a respectful night with her and she really enjoyed it. Nakul says sorry I got drunk. Girl says I understand but still you didn’t cross any of your limits, thank you. They both smile. Here, Kanha says we have puja here, Saroj is happy after so long. Sayuri thinks ho Saroj is happy and accepts Mithu after knowing the DNA test. Sayuri thinks Kanha is happy and he doesn’t have to know all this. They decide to go to the temple and worry about Chaman afterwards. Chaman feels proud of herself that she made everyone leave the house with her drama.

Precap: Nakul sees Chaman’s picture and asks what she’s doing there in their house. He says that she’s very dangerous and cunning girl and identifies Chaman as a dacoit. Kanha asks them to come with everyone while he leaves to check on Chaman at the house. Chaman who’s happy at home gets shocked hearing the door bell.

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Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 27th March 2023 Written Update: Chaman breaks Kanha’s mobile to escape from Nakul.