Healing people, meeting clients from different walks of life is something acclaimed spiritual healer Amiben Modi is accustomed to now. Being one of the best in the industry, Amiben is also a great example of how a successful woman can lead their lives. This International Women’s Day, Amiben discusses how a woman has always been great at handling things. 

“Women have been balancing since ages previously it was multiple children and household and now its lesser number of domestic responsibilities with some external work. Women can multitask because they are capable to do justice to every aspect of home and career,” she says. 

Does she believe, that we as a society has liberated women the way they deserve?

“Liberation depends less on the woman and more on her surroundings, people and opportunity. As long as her surroundings are nurturing and empowering every woman is liberated,” she says. 

Many discuss the need of equality between the genders in our country. While Amiben also believes in that, there are certain other elements which she wants to highlight.

“Women are mostly productive and working and as a result voluntarily or involuntarily men have become more accommodating. As far as equality goes men and women are physically different species but as long as there is constant respect and no dominance today is a beautiful time to live in,” she says. 

Is there a message, she would like to give on International Women’s Day?

“Forget whether you’re a man or a woman – just aim high do your best in whatever you choose to do as an individual and keep living the best happiest life possible! Happy women’s day,” she says.