This World Heart Day, actor Priyansh Jora urges people to get regular health checkups done. The actor says that this can help us keep many diseases at bay. “I generally go for a check-up every three months, and I even make sure that everyone in my family does the same. My sister is a doctor and she has advised us to get these check-ups as these really serve as a great preventive measure. So, we have this habit of just checking our basic vitals and basic parameters of our bodies. Also, is someone tells me of a health problem that they have been facing, I always advise them to get their overall health check-up done. It is very important because you can actually prevent anything from happening. You will be more aware,” he says.


It helps you keep yourself in check, says the actor. “It’s always advisable that you keep a check so you get to know if you have a tendency that can affect your health. Suppose your sugar levels are falling or you have bad cholesterol, you can make your routine and your diet and start your exercises to keep those parameters in check,” he adds.


Besides this, the actor advises everyone to work out and have a healthy diet. “Exercising and keeping a balanced diet are a must. For me, last year, there were certain markers which were not right. So, I really made sure that I avoided eating those things. I avoided eating unnecessary sugar and increased my intake of good ghee and good cholesterol in my system. So that if I am going anywhere off the hook, I have a control on it. There is a common myth about exercising; people feel that if you are thin, you should not exercise but people need to understand it that it’s actually about keep your cardiovascular health in place,” he says.


He adds, “Earlier people used to do physical activities and these things were not needed. People back then used to be very fit. But today around 90% of people have office jobs and desk jobs where they’re sitting through the day, so it’s very important that you push your heart, you push your cardiovascular health to extremes, to shock it.”


Mental health is important too, says Priyansh. “It’s very important yo we keep our mental health intact as well. That has an indirect translation on our overall system, so even our heart will work fine. We must go out and unwind from our mundane life or routines and take a break, breathe fresh air, go out and exercise regularly. And if that gets monotonous as well, then what we can do is we can put up variety and keep experimenting with that. Don’t do just the basic exercise that you do every day. Do something challenging at times, sometimes do a fun activity, be it cycling, be it swimming. So those things will also help you stay fit and strengthen your cardio health. And at the same time would be a fun workout,