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Today the episode begins with Swetha spending time with the baby. Swetha thinks that Muthurasan should see her child. Swetha apologizes to the baby for separating him from their parents. Swetha looks at the baby and says I am not your mother, Muthurasan is your father. Swetha says that Vennila is your mother. Swetha says I loved Muthurasan but your mother married him, to achieve Muthurasan, I steal you from your mother. Swetha thinks of an evil plan. Swetha picks up a phone and clicks on the photo of her baby boy. She sends this photo to Muthurasan and also sends a voice message with that photo.

On the other hand, Muthurasan is watching a video on his cellphone with Rudra. Muthurasan tells Rudra to go and study. Rudra asks Muthurasan the name of Swetha’s baby. Muthurasan lashes out at Rudra when she asks the name of Swetha’s baby. Muthurasan receives a message from Swetha. Muthurasan looks at her message. Later, he listens to the audio. In that audio, Swetha advises Muthurasan to keep her child’s photo on the wallpaper screen. Muthurasan gets furious after listens to her audio.

A furious Muthurasan approaches Swetha. Swetha is not in the room. Muthurasan yells at her room. The baby starts crying. Rudra is going to lift the baby. Muthurasan stops Rudra. The baby screams terribly. Muthurasan lifts Swetha’s baby. The baby becomes calm when Muthurasan lifts him. Muthurasan puts the baby back to bed once again he screams. Muthruasan pacifies Swetha’s baby. Swetha enters the room. Swetha speaks passionately to Muthurasan when he tries to pacify her crying baby. Muthurasan lashes out at Swetha and leaves her room.

Muthurasan thinks of Swetha’s words. Muthurasan wants to see Swetha’s baby boy. He takes his mobile and going to see Swetha’s baby photo. Muthurasan recalls everything without seeing the photo. Muthurasan thinks that Swetha attacks emotionally with the child. Muthurasan didn’t see the photo. Muthurasan recalls everything quietly.

The next day, The family arranges everything for the naming ceremony. The priest chants mantras. The villagers come to the naming ceremony. The family is getting ready for the ceremony. The priest tells Muthurasan and Vennila to sit with their daughter. The priest performs the rituals. The family is on cloud nine. At that moment, Swetha brings the cradle and tells Muthurasan to do a naming ceremony for her baby. Karthik tells her to be quiet. Swetha creates a ruckus in front of the villagers. Muthurasan loses his calm and lashes out at Swetha. Swetha goons speak in favor of Swetha. Muthurasan says I will do a naming ceremony for my child.

Swetha argues with Muthurasan. Swetha creates a ruckus at the naming function. Muthurasan says if I do the naming ceremony for her child I have to accept her as my wife, she’s not my wife. Swetha takes Vennila’s baby and goes inside. The family tells her to open the door.

With this, the episode ends.