Yaaradi Nee Mohini 18th May 2021 Written Update on JustShowbiz.net

Today the episode begins with Muthurasan pacifies Kalai as she shares her sorrow with him. Kalai feels that no one in the family respects her. Muthurasan says to Kalai that I respect women. Kalai says men think women are only for work. Muthurasan tells the family about the importance of a woman. Muthurasan says women are at different stages as she has a daughter, a responsible sister, a wife, and a mother to her child. Muthurasan praises femininity. Muthurasan explains the work of women in daily life to the family. The family gets shocked when he explains.

Vennila looks at him in surprise. Muthurasan talks about women’s sacrifices to the family. Vennila, Kalai become speechless with Muthurasan’s talk. Muthurasan says without women the family is nothing. Muthurasan says women who lead the family in a good way. Muthurasan praises women to the family. Muthurasan advises Karthik and Gowtham to respect women. Muthurasan tells them not to be like Maruthu. Karthik appreciates Muthurasan’s speech. The family gets goosebumps after his speech. Muthurasan says that Kalai is a good woman. She should not suffer. Karthik asks Muthurasan what should we do. Muthurasan says I have an idea to change Maruthu but everyone has to cooperate with me so that we will win. The family nods.

Kalai reminds quietly. Muthurasan tells Kalai to cooperate with them. Kalai agrees. Muthurasan shares his plan with the family. Muthurasan decides to teach a lesson to Maruthu. Muthurasan says we need to teach the importance of Kalai to Maruthu. Muthurasan tells Kalai to pretend to be sick tomorrow. Kalai questions Muthurasan when he tells her to pretend. Muthurasan advises Kalai to pretend. Muthurasan tells Kalai not to work for Maruthu tomorrow. Kalai agrees. Muthurasan tells Karthik to lead the plan.

The next day, as per Muthurasan’s plan. Kalai pretends to be sick before Maruthu. Maruthu goes to the bathroom to brush the teeth. Karthik hides the toothpaste from Maruthu’s room. Maruthu asks Kalai where the toothpaste is. Kalai pretends before Maruthu. Kalai says you are asking for a paste, I am suffering from fever you won’t care for me. Maruthu tells Kalai to find and give it. Kalai pretends before Maruthu. Maruthu goes out of the room to get toothpaste. Karthik and others watching Maruthu’s move. Maruthu asks Swetha for a toothpaste. Swetha refuses. Later, he asks Karthik and Gowtham. They avoid Maruthu. Maruthu decides to get the toothpaste from Rudra. Rudra is sleeping in her room.

Simabran, Janani look at Maruthu from outside. Maruthu asks for toothpaste Rudra. Rudra goes to get the toothpaste. Simabran gives a shaving cream to Rudra. Rudra notices the shaving cream and asks for toothpaste. Simbaran tells Rudra to give it to Maruthu. Maruthu gets the shaving cream instead of toothpaste. Later, He vomits. He notices the shaving cream and feels bad. Kalai smiles at Maruthu’s condition. Maruthu decides to have a coffee. Simbaran and Janani are going to spoil the coffee before Maruthu.

with this, the episode ends