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Today the episode begins with Swetha arrives to Suschitra’s home to kidnap Rudra. Simbaran, Kalai, Gowtham, Karthik, Janani try to find out what is in the pen drive. Muthurasan, Vasu, Arjun suspect Eamaraja. Rudra sleeps with Vennila. Swetha enters the room. She is going to lift Rudra. Rudra shouts. Vennila wakes up. Swetha fears the worst. Vennila asks for help.

Swetha tries to escape from that place. Vennila screams. Simabran, Gotham, Muthurasan, Arjun, chase Swetha. Swetha is running. Vennila says that someone is trying to kidnap Rudra. Muthurasan tells her to stay with the children and goes. Muthurasan, Vasu. Arjun chase Swetha.

Iniya steals the pen drive from Simbaran room. Swetha is running. Family chase Swetha. Iniya inserts a fake pen drive in Simabran’s laptop and goes. Muthurasan runs fast to catch Swetha. Muthurasan grabs Swetha and tries to open the face mask. Swetha escapes from Muthurasan. Family come out. Suschitra inquires Muthurasan. Muthurasan says nothing, and tells everyone to go inside.

Arjun says the thief is unlikely to come. Arjun suspects that someone from our house is helping the thief. We need to find that person first. Iniya overhears the conversation. Next day, Gandhimathi, Iniya,Ilakkiya wander around the shops. At that moment, Village committe announces Kabadi competition and prize.

Gandhimathi gets excited about prize. She says Iniya that I am going to participate in that competition. Illakiya, Iniya asks her not to participate. Gandhimathi says we are going to win. She urges Iniya, Illakiya to participate in the Kababdi. Iniya, Illaiya agree.

Muthurasan, Vasu, Arjuna, Vennila wander around the shop. Muthurasan says that if we meet Raja, we will get information about Meenakshi. Vasu suspects that this is a peice of paper thrown by Meenaskhi. Muthurasan says we have to meet Raja. Arjun says he is out of station.

Suddenly, Emaraja comes in front of them. Muthurasan asks Arjuna to stop Raja. Arjun stops Raja. Arjun asks Raja about Meenakshi. Raja lies to Arjun. Vasu says you took her in your car. Vasu shows Meenakshi’s photo to Raja. Raja lies to them. Vasu says she came with you. Raja says I sent her home.

Muthurasan suspects Raja and urges him. Raja says I have to take care of Kabadi and goes. Swetha meets Nambothri. Swetha says my plan spoiled. She asks Nambothri to kidnap Rudra. Nambothri agrees. Swetha says i am going to participate in the Kababdi game , at that moment you have to Kidnap Rudra only then they won’t suspect me.

Nambothri agrees. Muthurasan asks Arjuna and Vasu to speak with Raja. In that interval I will look for Meenakshi. Arjun, Vasu agree and talk to Raja. Kabadi competition begins. Gandhimathi, Iniya, Illakiya, Swetha participate in the game.

Muthurasan and his family are shocked to see Swetha. The game starts. Gandhimathi goes for the first ride. Muthurasan informs Vennila and leaves. Suschitra forgot to bring the prize. She calls Nakshtra and tells her to go and bring the prize. Nakshtra goes with Anand. Muthurasan looking for Meenaskhi in Raja’s home. Gandhimathi team wins the first round.

with this the episode ends.