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Today the episode begins with Rudra faints. Nambothri grabs Rudra and takes her with him. Vennila enjoys the Kabadi game. Vasu goes for a ride to the opposing team. Gandhimathi aims to win the Kabadi game. Nakshtra brings the prize. Vennila supports Vasu’s team.

Janani goes for a ride to Gandhimathi team. Gandhimathi locks Janani. Gandhimathi team gets one point. Gandhimathi, Iniya, Swetha, Ilakiya smirk at Vasu. Meenakshi tries to escape from the place. Gandhimathi locks up the Vasu team. Vasu team gets less points. Gandhimathi is happy. Vasu maneuver to defeat Gandhimathi.

Vasu goes for a ride to Gandhimathi’s team. Gandhimathi is afraid of cockroach. Vasu throws the cockroach towards Gandhimathi. Gandhimathi gets sacred. Vasu touches Gandhimathi and return to her place. Gandhimathi team fights with Vasu team. Gandhimathi says that Vasu is cheating. she throws the cockroach. Gandhimathi team fights with Vasu team.

Umpire asks them to be quiet. Gandhimathi argues with Vasu. Vasu is not ready to accept her mistake. Umpire warns them and ask them to go back to there places. All go back to there places.

Gandhimathi is anger. Vasu smirks at Gandhimathi. Gandhimathi tells Swetha that she plans to beat us. Swetha asks what will we do? Gandhimathi shows blade. Swetha smiles. Gandhimathi asks Swetha to blade Vasu. Swetha agrees and goes with blade. Vasu’s team unaware of this blade. Swetha goes for a ride to Vasu’s team. Vasu team members tries to catch Swetha. Swetha aims to blade Vasu.

Vasu’s team tries to catch Swetha. Swetha scratches the Vasu’s hand with a blade. Vasu screams out of pain. Vasu team members argues with Gandhimathi team. Gandhimathi team maneuver to win the game. Gandhimathi and his team were not ready to accept their mistake.

Vasu shows her hand and argues with umpire. Umpire warns them and tells them to go back to their place. Gandhimathi smirks at Vasu. Gandhimathi team gets more points than Vasu team. Vennila supports Vasu team. Swetha tells her teammate to hit in Vennila’s stomach.
Teammate agrees.

Vennila supports Vasu. Swetha shows a sign towards the Teammate. Teammate hits Vennila. Vennila screams out of pain. Vasu and her team members comes near her. Vasu asks Vennila to drink water. Swetha becomes happy. Vennila feels better. Vasu goes for a ride to Gandhimathi’s team. Gandhimathi team catches Vasu. Vasu escapes from them. Vasu team wins the match.

Vasu recieves a chain from Arjun. Iniya fumes. Vennila cries out of pain. All takes her home. First aid is given to Vennila. Even though she screams. Muthurasan screams about the state of Vennila. Karthik, Gowtham, Arjun comfort Muthurasan.

Muthurasan inquires Vasu about Vennila’s condition. Suschitra asks Arjun to arrange a doctor to examine Vennila. Muthurasan screams. Suschitra comforts Muthurasan. Karthik finds a doctor. Muthurasan urges her to come soon. Doctor agrees. Meenakshi tries to escape. Emaraja is on his way home. Emaraja opens the door. Meenakshi comes before Eamraja.

with this the episode ends…