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Today the episode begins with.. Suchitra informing that Anand’s wedding invitation is ready. Anand and Arjun are shocked. Nakshtra and Indra become overjoy. Vasu tells Suschitra to keep the invitation before the god and pray. Suchitra agrees. Arjun and Anand get annoyed. Nakshtra is on cloud nine.

Suschitra asks Nakstra and Indra to get ready for the temple. Arjun stares at Vasu. Suschitra tells Arjun and Vasu to get the invitation from the shop.Vasu agrees. Anand gets annoyed with Vasu and goes inside.

Anand asks Vasu why are you supporting my mother. Vasu says she is my boss, I have to support her. Arjun arrives. Arjun asks Vasu why are you behaving like this. He is already nervous, don’t tease him. Anand says wedding invitation is ready what are you going to go. I hope you, but now it’s gone. Arjun comforts Anand. Vasu tells believe me, you are going to marry Meenakshi.

Anand says I don’t know what your plan is. He says that I know Meenakshi is in your custody. Anand urges Vasu to show Meenakshi once. Vasu says this will become an issue. Anand says I want to see Meenakshi. Vasu says trust me, you are going to marry Meeankshi. Anand urges Vasu to show Meenaskhi once by tonight. Anand says if you don’t show Meenakshi, you won’t see me and goes inside.

Arjun and Vasu get scared. Vasu doesn’t know what to do. Vasu and Arjun meet Muthurasan. Vasu shares everything with Muthurasan. Iniya overhears the conversation. Muthurasan says this matter become serious, we need to do something. Vasu shares everything with Muthurasan. Muthurasan tells them we don’t have much time, we have to search Meenakshi and goes.

Iniya overhears the conversation and becomes overjoy. Iniya says that Meenakshi is in Swetha’s custody, it is not easy to find her and she smiles. Uthra prays to the god for Vennila. Simabran is looking for Rudra and Uthra. Simabran takes Uthra home.

Muthurasan asks Vennila to take medicine. Uthra meets Vennila and acts as Rudra before her. Muthurasan suspects Uthra. Later, she dress up and arrives like Uthra in front of Vennila.

Muthurasan questions Uthra about this. Uthra reminds quiet. Muthurasan asks Uthra to come with Rudra. Uthra doesn’t know what to do. She is looking for Rudra everywhere. On the other side, Arjun and Muthurasan are looking for Meenakshi.

Suschitra, Anand, Naksthra, Indra arrive to temple. Indra asks the person to bring the wedding invitation inside. Suchitra get the wedding invitation. Naksthra is eager to see the wedding invitation. Suchitra shows the wedding invitation to Naksthra. Anand is upset. Elamaran overhears the conversation and tries to kill Anand.

Vasu gets tenses and decides to search Meenakshi. Vasu takes the old car. She remembers that what Iniya says when she searches of Meenakshi. Arjun and Muthurasan are looking for Meenakshi. All of sudden, Elamaran comes in front of the car. Arjun gets out of the car. Elaraman fights with Arjun. Muthurasan comforts Elamaran. Elamaran says I want to see Meenakshi tonight and goes.

with this the episode ends..