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The episode starts with Kalai says to Vennila that she showed hell to Maruthu and poured out all his anger on him that’s why Marurthu pretend like nothing happened in front of them to save his face. Everyone praises Kalai’s act and says men shouldn’t looks down on their wife. Vennila feels sad for Maruthu. Kalai says she can’t able to get beat from him often that’s why she returned to him whatever he deserved. Janani says she gonna learn how to fight with men from her today itself to use in future. Karthick says in sarcasm it seems they wanna be alert always. Gowtham says he will fall on her feet. Alagappan thinks good his jilebi is not here or else she will beat him more.

Janani questions Gowtham what’s he thinking seriously? He tells her that he is thinking about baby names. Janani gets happy to hear it and asks even she too thinks the same. She asks him to say what’s his suggestion. He mentions baby girl name. She says to him that she needs boy. Both are arguing with each other. They selects from lucky paper and it’s result comes as girl. Janani argues with him.

Vennila and Kalai comes there and enquires them what’s going here? Janani shares everything to them. Vennila complaints that they are creating problems to argues with each other intentionally. Vennila finds baby girl name in that lucky paper and informs it to Janani. Janani complaints that he cheated her by writing girl name in both papers. Gautham bites his tongue.

Vennila says both of them wishes will turn true if she give birth to two babies. Janani blushes Gautham appreciate her idea. Vennila says they are here to take care of them. Gautham and Janani continues their fake argument again. Mutharasan is discussing with village peoples about temple matters. He asks them to finish everything soon. Swetha’s henchman is conveying this news to Swetha by recording the conversation of him with village people. Mutharasan thank Venkat for giving land to build temple. He request others to give land to him to build temple there he will give amount to their land. Village people assures to Mutharasan they are ready to give land to him. Mutharasan thank them.

Mutharsan appreciates the village people for ready to give the land to him without hesitation. He says to Pugazh that his land is very important to him to make a good way to temple. Because after temple developed they needs place to enter car and van there. Pugazh agrees to give his land to him reasoning its god matters. Mutharasan thank him. Swetha’s henchman disconnects the call. Akshaya alerts Swetha that she is gonna do sin by stopping them building the temple. Don’t play with god matters.

Swetha says it’s sin to create problems and misunderstanding between husband and wife too. She was doing that in Mutharasan and Maruthu’s life. She can’t able to consider their feelings her life is important to her. She won’t hesitate to create problems in their life to reach her goal. She challenges them that she will never lose in this game instead separate all and win at the end. Mutharasan asks Vennila to give sweet to all. He informs to them that everyone ready to give land to build temple there. Mutharasan shares his fear to them. Swetha over hears it. She wishes to stop the land pooja.

Episode end.